ANIMAX Carnival Malaysia was held for the 4th year at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre on the 28th of March 2015 and 29th of March 2015.

Early in the morning, many people were already filling the event grounds. The queue was long and took much effort to clear because the attendees had to walk through a long zigzag path to the counter to get an entry stamp and then proceed to squeeze around again until they were finally able to enter the event hall. Sadly, it was quite a disappointment that the hall was quite small and the lighting was dark which makes the place a whole lot dull.

In the hall, a huge space was dedicated to the latest featured animation series Assassination Classroom. The showpiece was filled with classroom chairs, tables and cardboard cut outs of the characters from the anime. Its a really fun idea and perfect for Instagram-worthy photos. There was also an Animax Live themed photo booth and an OO-kun ( Animax Asia’s mascot ) one too. A lot of OO-kun balloons were distributed to the attendees and it was quite a sight to see so many blue cats hanging around in the air.

Muse, an anime booth accommodating exclusive merchandises with a wide range of variety, was also present. There were so many people swarming in and out of the booth to get their hands on the special merchandises sold there. OO-kun enthusiast were also delighted with a booth selling exclusive OO-kun merchandises. They are all so cute and blue!


Cosplay Competition

The cosplay competition was one of the main highlights of the event and was held on both days.

The Solo-Category was held on the first day and started a lot earlier than most people had expected. The cosplay competition solo-category commenced at the stage area at 8am. The participants were dressed in interesting costumes. Some were in armor, suits, elaborated dress, frilly costumes and all in the name of winning the grand prize. It was really a feast for the eyes to watch them perform and pose on stage. They really brought the characters to life and many were entertained.

On the second day, the group category was held. Compared to the solo category, the group category performance was more action-packed. The participants also had really nice costumes and their performance was amazing. The judges had a hard time on deciding on the winner. Still, they still had to choose a winner and it was a

Shingeki no Kyojin-themed performance featuring Jean and Marco. The costumes were really cool and they even had a 3DMG gear! The skit had a great sense of humor which brought to the laughter and cheers from the audience yet it was also really touching and meaningful at the same time. It really brought back the Shingeki no Kyojin feels for all the fans and the judges.

Animax Official  (5)

All in all, all the performances was really fun and entertaining. Congratulations to all the participants for their courage and amazing performance!


Stage Events

The stage was the most eventful area throughout the entire exhibition. Animax Organizers prepared lots of activities with rewarding prizes to be won! The host was really cute and energetic, keeping the audience hyped up as she lead us to play a game.The game was based on the anime Fairy Tail. There were 10 celestial keys and 6 boxes. Participants had to answer a question, go on stage to pick a key and match it to the boxes. If it matched, the player would get a prize. Even if it didn’t match, they would also get a prize! Super cool indeed!

After the game, we had a meet and greet session with the Anisong artistes.  First up was May’n. She was really cute and she talked a lot about food! She said she loves Nasi Lemak and Cendol! It was really nice to see her conversing with the fans in English as everyone could understood her with ease. After the small talk session, 20 lucky people were able to receive a special autograph from her!

The next artiste to come up on stage was Elisa! She totally blow our mind as she started singing ‘Realism’! There were such elegance and power in the performance but her sweet and cute natured personality started to show during the Q&A session. She laughed a lot as she answered the questions from the host! The best question asked of Elisa was why she has such beautiful skin, and her response was ‘Nivea Cream’! & prawns!

The last artiste for the meet and greet was Mami Kawada! Mami is such a rocker! She had a great personality which matches the song she sings and is also kind and good natured. There was also 10 special people handpicked by Mami to receive her autograph! How lucky!


Animax Live

The last event on the 2nd day was the Animax Live. It was the main attraction of the entire event!  Many people filled the hall and the crowed was colored in hues of yellow and blue as light sticks lit up in anticipation for the performances. Banners and posters were waving high in the air, all awaiting for the grand show. Everyone was on a high when Mami Kawada and her team rocked the stage with her first song “JOINT” from the anime series Shakugan No Shana, one of the songs that propelled her to her fame. She also sang other songs that she was notably famous for, such as Hishoku no Sora , masterpiece, Akai Namida and many more.



Next up was Elisa, donning a white flowing dress turning her into the likeness of an angel descending to her throne, the stage. Elisa’s voice is really special, as it is powerful yet filled with a sweet essence. She managed to captured the hearts of the audience with with first song “Wonder Wind” from Hayate the Combat Butler. She then slowed down and took it to a more emotional level with “Mononoke Hime”. The fans were enchanted and touched by the beautiful song and voice. Elisa ended her performance with her debut song, “Euphoric Field”.


May’n then entered the stage, greeted by the screams and cheers of the fans. She is a real power house. There was so much energy and strength in her performance which keep the fans excited and always craving for more. May’n performed “Giant Step”, “Aozora”, “Northern Cross” and “Chase the World”. The songs and music were still ringing in my head even after the concert ended. It was such a blast for just RM20!!!

Animax Carnival 2015 (13)

In conclusion, the event was pretty small but there were some interesting activities too. The concert was definitely the best part of the event! It was amazingly electrifying and made everything worth it. Despite all the unpleasing incidents and issues, I am sure everyone had a nice time meeting their friends, rocking the concert and enjoyed the event itself. Hopefully, in the near future, Animax Carnival will make a bigger and better return!

Animax Carnival 2015 Live Setlist (Malaysia)

Mami Kawada

2. Hishoku no Sora
3. PSI-Missing
4. Masterpiece
5. Akai Namida
6. Triangle
7. See visionS
8. Borderland
9. No buts!


1. Wonder Wind
Sobani Iruyo
4. Mononoke Hime
5. Eonian
6. euphoric field (English)


1. Giant Step
2. Northern Cross
3. Lethe -May’n ver
4. Aozora
5. 今日に恋色
6. ViViD
7. Chase The World

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