Fans of LiSA who enjoy her song “Crossing Field” rejoice!

Do you know LiSA has a English version of it ?

LiSA Crossing Field

Well, now you do! Here comes the best part of it: an official karaoke contest for the English version of “Crossing Field”, the opening theme song of “Sword Art Online”! It is now open from 18th March 2015 to 30 April 2015!

How are you going to win it?

LiSA and her team will be personally be watching the videos and from there they will be choosing a winner from every region.

Winners will be receive an exclusive present from LiSA! 

You can participate by filming and uploading your covers of “Crossing Field -English Version-” on any online streaming website (Youtube, Nico Nico Douga etc) and post the link on the official Facebook page of the contest! However, please note that if you post your videos directly on Facebook, there might be a chance that the video will be blocked or removed due to copyright issues, therefore please submit your entries via a free streaming video website.

Posted videos will be available for viewing until September 2015, after which they will be removed for copyright purposes.


The instrumental version of the song is available on iTunes and on the CD single of Crossing Field. Do purchase them so you can sing along with it!
(Click on the picture above to link)

This contest will be split into the following regions:

-North America
-Central/South America
-Europe/Middle East/Arica
-North/Central/South/East Asia
-Southeast Asia/Oceania

For more updates, please follow their main Facebook page!
Crossing Field Karaoke Contest

Personal Experience

AFA2014 - I Love Anisong - LiSA 2 - w

Having been able to see LiSA in Singapore yearly in Anime Festival Asia since 2011 has been one of my greatest joy and experience with her. And every year LiSA never failed to entertain the audience with her stunning performance and creative ideas on stage. In 2014, it came a great shock to me hearing LiSA sang Crossing Field in English.

AFA2014 - I Love Anisong - LiSA 3 - w

Despite, the difference in language barriers when singing in English LiSA totally nailed the obstacle and sang it with confidence, cheerfully and happily jumping on stage you can also hear the lyrics clearly. This totally filled the audience in the hall with maximum level of excitement, fans waving their light sticks frantically along with the song and jumping around like they are having the time of their lives. Looking at this scene thinking back on it a sentence that LiSA always says came to my mind “music connects people around the world”. With this though in her mind I am sure she will be able to reach out to the world with her songs.

LiSA made her major debut in 2010 singing songs for the anime Angel Beats! as Yui,one of vocalists for the fictional band Girls Dead Monster. In April 2011, she made her solo debut with the album Letters To U and she have sang for a lot of other anime like Fate/ZeroSword Art Online, Gen’ei o Kakeru Taiyo and Mahouka Koko no Rettosei.
For more updates, do check her Facebook page!


Sword Art Online is a Japanese light novel series written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec. The series takes place in the near future and focuses on various virtual reality MMORPG worlds. ​The anime was first aired on July 1012 to December 2012 followed by a sequel called Sword Art Online II  was aired in July 2014.

The players who log into SAO for the first time, later discovered that they are unable to log out. They were then informed by the SAO creator, Kayaba Akihiko, that if they wish to log out, they must reach the 100th floor of the game’s tower and defeat the last boss.

However if your characters die in-game, their bodies will also die in the real world. The main protagonist Kazuto Kirigaya who goes with the name “Kirito” was one of the beta testers from the closed beta. Since he already have experience of the game, he felt that he could beat the game and set out on a journey on his own. As the game progresses for 2 years, he befriends a female player named Asuna whom he falls in love with in the end. After the duo discovered the identity of the creator character in SAO, they confronted it and destroy him, freeing themselves and everyone from the game.

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