Anime Consortium Japan Inc., the Japanese company for official anime streaming, announced today that Saint Seiya – soul of gold – will also be simulcast this upcoming season, in addition to the previously announced Spring 2015 titles. The new season of the popular series Saint Seiya will premiere on April 11 (JST) on DAISUKI.net and comes with multi-language subtitles.

About Saint Seiya – soul of gold -: 

Transcending eternity,

In order to protect the love and peace of the world, twelve Gold Saints are reborn!

During the battle with Hades in the underworld, the twelve Gold Saints sacrificed their lives and destroyed the Wailing Wall to open Seiya’s breach!

However, Aiolia and the other Gold Saints, who should have been annihilated, are resurrected in a beautiful world, overflowing with light!
Just why have these men, who should have been destroyed, been reborn? With this lingering mystery, Aiolia becomes embroiled in battle.

When he raises his Cosmo to the limit… Leo’s Cloth transforms! In 2015, the Golden Cosmo is finally reborn!

Saint Seiya - soul of gold

The long-awaited new season of the popular series about the mystical warriors, Saint Seiya – soul of gold -, will premiere on Japanese television this spring. Overseas fans will be able to view the series’ simulcast on DAISUKI ( www.DAISUKI.net ) for free. Streaming will be offered with multi-language subtitles in English, traditional Chinese, Spanish (Europe), Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese (Latin America), Arabic, Italian, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Tagalog and Korean.

The streaming area includes 220 countries and regions world-wide: Asia (all countries and regions except for Japan & China), North & Central America, Latin America (all countries and regions), Middle East (all countries and regions), Europe (all countries and regions except for Switzerland, France, Belgium, Monaco, Luxembourg, Andorra), South Africa (all countries and regions except for Algeria, Tunisia, Gabon, Cameroon, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Congo, Senegal, Chad, Togo, Niger Madagascar, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco and Equatorial Guinea) and Oceania (all countries) and Antarctica.

In some areas, all released episodes will be available for streaming, while for some areas the recent episode at the respective time together with the first episode will be online. The first episode of Saint Seiya – soul of gold – will premiere on April 11, 2015 at 00:00 (JST). A new episode will be added every other Saturday.

For more information visit the official homepage (multi-language):

English: http://saintseiya-gold.com/en/
Spanish (Europe): http://saintseiya-gold.com/es/
Spanish (Latin America): http://saintseiya-gold.com/es-la/
Italian: http://saintseiya-gold.com/it/
Portuguese (Latin America): http://saintseiya-gold.com/pt-br/
Traditional Chinese: http://saintseiya-gold.com/zh-tw/
Japanese: http://saintseiya-gold.com

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