Phototastic-2015-02-24-16-43-34Japanese Fashion Label earth music & ecology takes a bigger step forward into the animation world by collaborating with anime idol sensation, Love Live .

The cute girls from Love Live, specifically, Honoka, Hanayo and Kotori were given their very own special outfit to model. This cute outfits were on sale since 17 January 2015. There was also a special early sale at Comiket 87 at the Japan Label booth last year. This is only the first collaboration between LoveLive and the earth music & ecology label. Fans are hoping to see more fashion collaborations from Japanese Labels with the lovely girls from Love Live.

Earth music & ecology

If you haven’t heard of earth music & ecology Japan Label yet, it is actually a Japanese fashion babel which produces and designs casual clothing from natural fabric. This label also does collaborations with several anime characters and one of them is the famous Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku. This time, it is a collaboration with Love Live and I hope for more of this cute stuff to be produced. earth music & ecology Japan Label co-designs casual clothes with anime illustrators. The illustrators will draw the characters as well as specific outfits on them while earth music & ecology Japan Label will produce the outfits. The outfits are then promoted using the characters themselves as well as real life models.


If you’re a fan and love the fashion then what are you waiting for? Also, you don’t necessarily have to be a fan of Love Live/ μ’s or an anime fan to wear all these collaborated fashion. If you’re a fashion enthusiast or just a normal person who is attracted to the fashion, feel free to enjoy wearing them as these clothes are known to be of very good quality and very comfortable as well.


To enhance and brighten up your daily fashion, there are also sets of charms and necklaces, with its unique designs and symbols, representing each member of μ’s. For each charms, there are two different colored necklaces, gold and silver. If you are interested in purchasing them, you can choose either gold or silver necklaces to go with the charms of your choice. For all Love Live fans, this is your chance to carry the symbol of your favourite idol. Go! Go! Go!

Yuko Work 3

For now, the designs for clothings are only limited to 3 designs and it is one each for Kotori, Hanayo and Honoka only. In future, I hope they will be able to make more collaborations with the all the 9 girls from LoveLive. There are very limited stocks available so if you are interested , do visit the website for more information and  place your order before it all runs out.

Yuko's Work

Website :



Let’s all enjoy anime and fashion together and spread the love.

That’s all from Ani-Culture’s Fashion Feature today.

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