On the 16th March, voice actress Pile, (the voice behind Nishikino Maki in Love Live!) appeared on a Japanese Music Program UTAGE! and performed one of the classic Anisongs “Zankoku Na Tenshi no Thesis” live!

unnamed (1)Born and bred in Tokyo to a Japanese father and Korean mother, she is fluent in both languages. Pile made her first debut as a singer in 2007 with the single “Your is All..” This song was the opening for the third season of “Ikari Oyaji Ai no Sekki Youtaikyouku”.

In 2010, Pile made her first voice acting debut as Nishikino Maki from Love Live! Since then, Pile has created a big fan base for herself!

2She has formed two duo units with her co-stars from Love Live!​ which are called “Please & Secret” and “4to6”. She also had a solo single called “Densetsu no Flare” which was the third ending song for the anime “Tenkai Knights“.

Pile released her first album “Jewel Vox” on 4th March and her Twitter has already hit more than 200,000 followers!

As she was performing Zankoku Na Tenshi No Thesis, Kis-My-Ft2 member Miyata Toshiya took out some light sticks and started dancing along to her performance. Miyata is a huge anime and Love Live! fan. He even posted a picture of his Love Live! collection on his Twitter.
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After the performance, Miyata was very nervous to meet Pile for the first time and he explained that every time he hears Maki say “気持ち悪い” (It makes me sick) – one of her most famous lines – he felt like he was rewarded. Pile was requested by the host to say the catchphrase and she agreed. Right after Pile said the catchphrase, Miyata was very happy about it. Miyata’s reaction even left one of the hosts in shock!


Do check out the live performance of Pile below!

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