Comic Fiesta. There is just so much I don’t even know where to start reviewing Malaysia’s biggest event of the year. As the years go by , Comic Fiesta had been trying profusely to improve itself by increasing the number of booths and activities, all in the name of satisfying the ever growing number of hungry passionate fans.

Personally, I should be berating the organizers for the endless lines , the immense crowd and cosplayers squeezing and pushing their way through literally everything, the management system and the halls. Forgive me for this irritating and ungrateful rant as I should totally be grateful, and indeed I am. I am grateful that I was able to afford to go to this monstrosity of an event that some can only dream about going whilst I have been fortunate enough to attend with ease. Aside through the unhappiness and all, I am truly proud and honored to be a part of this ever-growing community this year and hopefully, for more years to come. Also, I hope Malaysians as well as others of course, would be able to enjoy such a festival.

Comic Fiesta has taken a life of its own. Being a host of 49000 enthusiast this year compared to when they first began with only a few thousand visitors was totally a big step of improvement. Down at Comic Fiesta, it’s a weekend where Kuala Lumpur City Centre gets transformed into a fantasy land.  It’s the only place where you can dressed as a huge mecha walking around and be accepted as the norm. A place where you can just sit on the sidewalks chilling out, where everyone has their own share of fun running after exclusive merchandise, celebrity guests, and everything else that is happening at the same time.

It was a delight to see people queuing even before the sun rises over the horizon, and instantly fill the halls the moment the doors open. It was a feast to the eyes to watch the grand opening ceremony on the main stage which the performers took much effort to prepare for everyone. The cosplay guests did an amazing job in entertaining everyone.


Aza and Mon’s overflowing cuteness was too much to bare. King was amazing as always and of course, too handsome to be a girl. Just looking at her makes my heart go doki doki. And Liui! Liui is such a fun person. He is always so cheerful and it’s like smiles and laughter follows him wherever he goes.

Next, the halls. This year, sad to say, the halls were a little messed up but still, it was fun wandering around trying to figure which hall is which. I hope that there will be signs or at least some crew around to make it clearer to all of us the next year. Apart from that, the halls really had a lot of events going on. There was a section for all the cosplayers which I really love. It was so thoughtful of Comic Fiesta to actually leave a section of the hall empty for all the cosplayers and photographers to gather for photoshoots.

The cosplayers had some space to camp around as well as have a few snaps of their own. The special guests were also walking around the halls and you could freely approach them without people telling you to bugger off. That is one of the best feature Comic Fiesta provides.

There were also really cute mascots walking around the halls to  brighten things up. Other than that, the vendors had such cool and exclusive stuff. There were really crazy sales on Day 2! There were anime CD’s selling at 3 For RM10! Those were original copies too! Not only was the sale crazy, the crowd was crazy too. Everyone was digging around in the hope to strike gold.


The vendors also had exclusive event-only collectibles, so if you’re looking for collectibles then you have to bring lots of money and grab as much as you want. For doujin fans, bringing a lot of money is par for the course because there are so many lovely things to buy! The ‘doujin area’, or more widely known as #artbooth, is an area dedicated to all the passionate artists. Most sell simple stuff such as bookmarks, T-shirts, keychains etc, but all of them are tinged with the most unique touch of their artists, who have imprinted their own style and expression in their goods and it is really nice to look at all of their works. It’s like you’re walking down a lane in an art museum but with the artists are right in front of you showing their wares.

As with previous years, an entire hall was dedicated to the League of Legends Championships. The gamers were so professional and it was so fun watching them defend their own team.


There was also a cosplay competition and there were so many cosplayers dressed up as their favorite hero from the game. With the game going on and the LoL cosplayers around, I felt the thrill of being a part of the game’s fandom as well. It was a really fun experience and I hope it will be there for more years to come.


Coffytiam booth. Maybe the name makes it sounds more Malaysian? Because Kopitiam = Coffytiam ? Well, I don’t know but there weren’t any coffee on sale though. However, there were exclusive stuff on sale there! Most important were the special guest signing sessions. You know what is the good thing about Comic Fiesta? The signing session is FREE, with absolutely no strings attached! Comic Fiesta is absolutely thoughtful and generous in this aspect as not everyone is able to afford to pay a bomb to meet their idols and they were willing to let sign sessions go for free. I am sure everyone, and that includes me as well, loves this part about Comic Fiesta. I hope they would continue to keep this up in the years to come.

Apart from that, Miyuko and Angie also had their own booth. Anyone could just go and take a picture or purchase the merchandises. Ying Tze was at Angie’s booth on Day 2 for a free autograph session too. It was nice to see how everyone can interact closely with their idols.

The thing about Comic Fiesta is that it is a very friendly place. It is a place where you can just go around meeting and interacting with everyone, friend or a random stranger. Comic Fiesta has grown to bigger each year bringing in more things but the atmosphere still remains friendly and I hope this tradition will continue to live on. Even if there is some unpleasant and unhappy moments, I hope everyone of you had enjoyed CF2014 as much as I did and would come back for CF2015.

Let’s all have fun together again and KEEP UP THE CF SPIRIT!

Photo Credits: JT

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