Hello everyone. Once again , Ani-Culture was very privileged to be able to encounter and have a small chat with all four of Comic Fiesta’s special guest cosplayers.

With our media partners, we bring you this exclusive interview. Enjoy.

CF 2014 Cosplay Guest (1)

Would you all like to introduce yourself first ?

Miyuko : Hello everyone, I am Miyuko. Thank you for having me here today. I am here in Malaysia for the second time and thank you for having me again and I hope the interview session is interesting.

Liui : Oh its my turn ? Oooh! Okay. Hello guys , I am Liui from Philippines and I am very excited to meet all of you and I am very happy to be here. Thank you very much.

Mon : Hello everyone. I am Mon and I am very happy to be here in Malaysia. I am very happy to be able to meet everyone here as well. Today I am cosplaying as Miku and let us have a happy and fun interview session together. Thank you.

King : Hello everyone. I am King. I am very happy after one year has passed , I am able to come back to Malaysia again. Thank you very much to the boards of  Comic Fiesta for inviting me. Recently this year, I have been visiting Malaysia and Singapore and I think this two places are really nice. If there’s a chance, I hope I can visit Malaysia again.

CF 2014 Cosplay Guest (6)

What criteria do you have when choosing photographers ?

Liui would you like to start first ?

Liui : Alright. Uhm, someone who share the same interest of course. Someone who is passionate about cosplay and cosplay photography. Someone who is very patient of course and someone who is fun to work with. I just want photoshoots to be fun. No pressure. Well, that’s all.

Miyuko : Normally it depends on what character I cosplay. I would normally choose a photographer who can bring out the character well via photos. For example , when I am cosplaying a cute and lively character, I would choose a specific photographer to bring out that character. So, I would choose a photographer base on his skills to bring out a specific character.

Mon : Erm, I would mostly find photographers whom I am more familiar with. It also depends on the character that I am going to shoot. For example, if it is a cute character , I will choose a photographer who can bring it out. And, if the photography requires good photo editing skills then I will choose a photographer who is skilled in editing.

King : I would prefer to work with female photographers because most of my works consist of BL ( Boy’s Love ) or male characters and I think female photographers can shoot it with a certain feel and beauty from their perspective.

This question is for King . You usually cosplay male characters. Is there a specific reason why and do you prefer it so?

King : Oh okay. Because I love BL !

*Everyone laughs*

King : Because BL and gay are different, and I think it is better for female to cosplay BL instead of male because female cosplayers can bring out the feel better. So, Because I love BL ! *peace*

King points to Liui : You can BL !!! *wink*

Liui *Shocked* Ohh King ! *shakes head* Ohh King @_@~ !

For Liui . Er , you’re close friends with Alodia. Right ?

Liui *opens mouth and nods* Ah yea.

And she recently cosplayed Astrid from How to Train your Dragons 2,

Liui : Yea..

Any plans on cosplaying together ?

Liui : Well, Alodia is more busy than me but erm , we already plan something for you guys so erm, you just have to stay tune. *Wink*

Of all the event invitation you’ve received, Is there any which you strange or weird? If yes, which one?

Liui : Ho! HAHAHA !

King: OH YES! MALAYSIA!!! I’ve declined a few invitations for events in Malaysia this year because, I don’t like events which need to pay double entry fee. For example, to enter the event hall , you pay a first entry fee and then, to meet and greet the special guest, you need to pay another entry fee. So, usually this kind of event , I would decline and there are quite a few invites from this kind of events that I get from Malaysia this year. I think this isn’t really a very good thing and I personally don’t support because most of the event goers and fans are still young children or schooling students who don’t have a lot of money so 1 time entry fee is enough already.

Mon : Erm for me it is okay. Haven’t really encountered any weird or strange ones yet.

Liui : Oh okay ! Every event I attended is strange.


Liui : Well because I attended events in different countries so every country’s events have it’s own strangeness but if you would ask me which is closest to my heart then it would be here, Malaysia. Because, I’ve been here two times and it’s strange that you guys still want me back. In Vietnam, they are crazy. People are crazy but they still give us personal space. But they are really crazy. In Philippines, *Heh* They are crazier! Me, I think that we have the craziest fans back in the Philippines. Like, they are really wild. Wild like, er, they’re very physical. Physical like er, you know, they are very touchy and loving. It’s really strange because sometimes I get some scratch on my armor from the fans but I really really love them. While in Singapore, Strange as well. Because they are very disciplined. Very disciplined. I don’t know?! Very disciplined. So I think every country has their own strange things but I am really really enjoying everything. Thank you guys.

Miyuko : For me, not so much about the strange stuff in events but more like a unique thing in different events not only in Malaysia but other Asian countries as well. So, at the moment I can’t really think of any strange moments but I am really having a great time so far.

CF 2014 Cosplay Guest (5)

This is regarding cosplay names. Why do you choose your cosplay name?

Mon : Because in my real Chinese name, there is a word called dream and in Chinese it is pronounced as ‘meng’ 梦 so I directly translated it to English which is Mon.

Liui : Er Liui is my name ! I don’t know why I add my last name but when I created the page I add my last name in so yea, it’s my name. Why? Why did I add my last name? Thank you for your question. Now you make me confused. *haha* Just kidding.

So Liui is your real name ?

Liui : Er…,To be honest, I change the spelling because during these days, your personal information is not really safe on the internet. So I just change some. SOME, of it.

King : Oh for me , I used to be part of a band and my name in the band is called King so I used it as my cosplay name as well.

Miyuko : Miyuko is my previous nickname and Aza is my current nickname. So what happen was I took a break after performing as Miyuko and after my break , I decided to have a nice comeback as well as a nice cheering name. Aza in Korean means Fighting or ‘Gambateh’. So, it provides me with more energy and not only from me or for me, but I would also like the same kind of energy from my fans and audience. So , I combined both of my nicknames and is now known as Aza Miyuko.

Some international cosplayers are often invited to guest certain events and they have managers. In your opinions, what qualities do you think a manager should posses ?

Miyuko : I think, the most important characteristics I look for in a manager is to function as a bridge between me and my fans.

Mon : Because I have never had a manager before so I really don’t know what kind of requirements are there for a manager. I have never thought about this matter before.

King : For me , I think going for an event is to have fun so a manager is not really necessary. If you like the event, then all you’ve to do is attend it and you don’t need a manager to discuss about that for you. I personally think it is better like that.

Liui : Do I need a manager ?


Liui : I think in my opinion , if you need a manager in this line, then you should get someone who is concern about your safety and well being. You know, not just because you want a manager so you get one but get one who is concern about your safety and they really care about you. I think the best manager that you guys should get is your parents.

Back in the Philippines, me and my friend, Alodia talk about this before and I was like “Should I get a manager?” and she said ” If you want to get one, then get one who is concern about you and know what you’re doing” and in her case, it is her mom. For me, what I do is to have fun and nobody knows what I am doing so I think I can manage it by myself. I don’t think I need a manager at the moment but if I were ever to get a manager, I was hoping my mom could be my manager or, someone who is rich. Someone who is rich and can treat me food? *just kidding* As long as the person is concern about you that’s the best.

Mon Edit

This question is for Mon. You cosplayed from Shingeki no Kyojin before. Did you make the 3DMG gear by yourself and how did you do it ?

Mon : Oh! I did it with my friends. 3 of us came together and did it at my house. We divided different parts which we want to do and each focus on doing one part and after that, we combine it together. King, was also one of them who came and help with the props. King did the box of the 3DMG gear while me and my friend did the smaller parts. That’s all…

King : Even though buying it readily is more beautiful and better, but we really like the series a lot so we decided to make it ourselves. Also, I think we only manage to photo shoot a few times and the whole thing spoiled *Mon laughs* but we felt really good and contended.

Of all the characters you’ve cosplayed before, which one are you most satisfied with and why ? 

Liui : Erm ? My favorite ? My favorite ? *touches his costume* I hate this costume! *haha* This is my favorite costume. Erm Why ? Erm, my journey in cosplaying kind of started from here although I’ve been cosplaying for 3 years before this. But this costume gave me a breakthrough. Why? Because I love the character and I love the movie. If you really love something and you make something, I think people will appreciate it and that is really awesome. Right? This is pretty much I guess so Hiccup!

Mon : My favorite is Hatsune Miku. Because I am attracted and I like many things at once and in Miku’s MV, she has many versions. So it makes me like it very much.

King : For me, I think my most satisfied work is not a character but rather, a piece of work which is BL. Because me and partner gets into the scene very fast and maybe when you see our photos, you would probably think it only takes 1/2 an hour to shoot but actually in reality, it is not. Because we both love BL a lot so we would try our best to make our poses and expression more accurate when we are on scene. So I think my best work is BL

Miyuko : For Anime , I like the character that I am currently cosplaying the most ( Kuroneko ). For the game genre, I love Sona from League of Legends the most.

I understand you being going for photo shoots in China. And their method of working on is one being in charge of photo taking and the other being in charge of photo editing. While our photographers here can both this task at the sometime. Which photography system do you prefer? 

King : I prefer the photography team in China. Because, there are a lot of helpers on the scene. If you want helpers which are more into technology or serious effects such as fire throwing and stuff, you can find team A. While if you want other effects such as wind effects where your hair flies around or just anything at all, you can find B. So I personally prefer it like that and in China, the outdoor photo shoot is very different from ours.

For example, if they are two cosplayers photo shooting on scene, there will be around 5-10 helpers on the scene throwing fire, water or anything at all just to add in the effects. I really love to photo shoot in China because you can do anything at all and get any effects you want. Even the cosplayers in China is really different from us. We mostly cosplay individually but in China, they cosplay as a team. And in the whole team, they will see the best ones. So if you’re the good ones, then the whole team will help you out with photos and everything else. So basically they work together in a team.

Do you have any interest other than cosplaying ?

King : My job in real life is architecture. I am an architect so my biggest interest is building buildings and then, cosplay and maybe a little bit in playing musical instruments but my biggest interest is still building buildings. Actually, I’ve thought of building a cosplay , anime and manga paradise. It’s like a place where cosplayers can have photo shoots and people with the same interest can hang out together and stuff but, No Money. *hahaha* So, maybe when I am old and have a lot of money, I can build my dream place.

Mon : Well, for me, I simply have interest in eating ?

Liui : Ah! Food ! *^*

Mon : Enn! *^*

Mon : But if it’s in a bigger scope then it’s probably working and earning money because I think working is a very joyful thing and it can help improve my family’s living standards.

Liui : Aside from eating, erm , Facebooking? I am not really a gamer but I play Pokemon. Er what else? You know, I really like to travel to many places and meet different people and I think that’s what I am interested in.

Miyuko : Aside from cosplaying, when I am outside, I like to go for a run or do cardio exercises because I love sports. When I am at home, I would do sit ups or I would choose to do some sewing.

King, Are those tattoos on your hands real ?!

King : Well, I really love this character a lot so I went to do some things I was interested it like shaving my head and getting real tattoos. Most of it are real and some are drawn on but a big portion of it is real.

Do you have any funny or memorable moments as a cosplayer?

King : For me the most memorable and funny moment in my cosplay journey is when I go for outdoor shoots. There was once when we were shooting for One Piece, I had to dive in to the sea to get the effect and I almost drown to death. Apart from that, there is also once when I was shooting for Uta from Tokyo Ghoul and we had to use fire for the effect.

I got some bruises and I burned my hair from that experience. My helpers also got bruised from the fire but we were all very satisfied with the effects and photos. So, that is very memorable for me because in my whole life, I won’t think of playing with fire or recklessly jumping into the water and getting drown but because of cosplay , I did it.

Liui : That’s funny ? *shocked*

King : Yeah !

Liui *Shocked and shakes head*

King : Yeah , you know, you fly and dive in the water. Funny!

Liui : Flying King *Shakes head*

Miyuko : I used to cosplay quite a lot in Korea and I have friends who cosplays as well. I love to work as a team and when it comes to a team , some cosplayers are very well prepared but some, are not so prepared. So, on the spot, they would take out their sewing kit and materials to complete their costumes. I find it very interesting and funny because they are able to complete their costume in such condition and in such a short time.

Liui : Er funny story ? Uh! I think it is the time when I was in Vietnam with Onnies. You know, Onnies is like my sister and we do lots of crazy things together. The manager of the event said that if you bring Onnies and Liui together, the event will explode. We did a lot of crazy things together like belly dancing. We did belly dancing and we got all the other guest to belly dance as well. Second funny thing was, in the event, there was an interview session on stage and Onnies was raising her hand but the host didn’t want to pick her because, crazy stuff would happen but they had no choice so they picked her in the end.


So when Onnies went up on stage, she was like , “actually I didn’t have any questions. I just raise my hand for fun” Everyone was like ” Whuuut?! Waiii ?! ” and then, after awhile, she thought of one and she was like “Do you want to cosplay any girl characters? ” and I was like ‘No, I haven’t think of any at the moment but I want to cosplay your character. I want to wear your costume” Then everyone was like “WHAAAAA ?!” and so, Me and Onnies went to the fitting room so we could swap our costumes and the organizers were freaking out because that was not part of the plan. But, thankfully, the fitting area was full so we didn’t manage to swap costumes but Onnies put some girly stuff on my head. So many crazy stuff happened but I cannot really remember. Well but that’s what cosplay is about right? To have fun.

Mon : Erm, Actually I think it is really fun and I feel really happy whenever I go for outdoor photo shoots because the people I work with really understand my personally. It’s like we go “UWAHHHHH” at things we like and just laugh and have crazy times together. Also, most of my friends are also like me where we all go “Ahhhhh!” over stuffs so every time is really happy and memorable so to specific mention one, I can’t really find any. But if there’s any hurtful events, it was went I was making props and I accidentally hurt my hand and there was a hole. It was midnight by then and I was rushed to the hospital to get three needles on the wounds. *Uuuu >w<*

This is for King . Have you ever consider cosplaying any cute BL character ?

King : Arh? Me ?! Oh! NO! NO! I would terribly destroy it. Misa? You know Misa?


King : Misa told other people she don’t want to cosplay with me. Why? Because I will destroy her childhood fantasies. Because, everything will become BL.

iv-cosplay-006 copy

Is there any messages you want to give to the youth or people who are interested in this hobby these days who have the mentality that wearing a wig or wearing on some exaggerated accessories are is cosplaying? 

Miyuko : In Korea, people’s perception towards cosplayers is that they are very childish since everything is from animation. Like, why can’t they just read a book or watch movies or something? But as the newer generation starts to come in, technologies starts developing and and mass production on games starts evolving, the perception starts to change a bit. In Korea, cosplayers starts getting hired for ads and stuff so to match the high standards and character criteria, they really need to do research over and over again. So from there, the perception starts changing.


As in, How do you advise younger generation that cosplaying is not only wearing a wig or accessories?

Liui : Oh I get it. Thank you for explaining

Miyuko : The advise I can give to those who want to cosplay is to do some research and not just simply just cosplay any character you like. So my advise is to research and so that the professionalism of cosplayers will be respected.

Any comment Liui ?

Liui : Erm , my comment. You know guys, I have no comments about this but I have advise for the viewers. I know that it is really hurtful and difficult to see eye to eye with people who claim that cosplay is just wearing a wig and such. There’s so many misunderstandings and stuff about cosplay but we cannot do anything about it. But all I can say is, sooner or later they will understand the true meaning of cosplay so let them be. Don’t stop people from doing what they want to do. Like for example, If they want to wear a wig, then let them.

Well, just try to control your feelings and be positive that this people will understand the true meaning of cosplay someday since there’s nothing much we can do about it. Because, I myself didn’t understand cosplay at first but personally, I researched and I learned from my mistakes. So let’s be more open minded and positive and that is for the viewers. Thank you.

CF 2014 Cosplay Guest (4)

Do you have any messages for your fans in Malaysia?

Miyuko : This is not my first visit here but every time I come, I am very welcomed by all my fans and I am very thankful for everyone’s love and support. And, I will try harder to show my love to the audience through my performance. Please do not forget my performance and effort. I love you Malaysia

I love you too


King : I really love Malaysia. This year, I let one of Taiwan’s event collaborate with Malaysia’s Comic Fiesta. So, the champion of Taiwan’s FF and Malaysia’s CF will be able to travel to the opposing country with full expense paid. So it’s something like a cosplayers exchange program. Malaysian cosplayers will be able to experience Taiwan’s ACG community as well as take a look around Taiwan and likewise to Taiwan’s cosplayers as well. FF is a big event in Taiwan. A big bigger than CF but my main goal is to create a stronger bond between cosplayers in different countries. Because I really love Malaysia a lot so I choose Malaysia above all the other countries. I hope we can have more connection with each other. Come over to Taiwan ^O^

Mon : Because I really love pretty teenage girls and I think Malaysia have many pretty girls. They always leave comments on my post in Facebook. So, sometimes I reply in a ‘terrible’ manner so I hope they are not becoming bad because of me *haha* . I hope I am not a bad influence.Also, I hope when they see me in real life, they won’t be disappointed at how I really am.

Liui : For everyone, I am very happy to be here with you guys and I hope to see you again. Also, I know that we are miles away from each other and don’t let that be a boundary for our love to each other. So I really want you to continue your love for me and I will continue my love for you guys

Awww, so sweet


Liui : Thank you very much guys, and I really want to visit you guys again.

That’s all we have for Miyuko, Liui , King & Mon stay tuned for more from Ani-Culture.net !

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