Hachioji P  (八王子P) is an internationally recognized electro-pop producer well known to vocaloid fans worldwide who produces his songs using Hatsune Miku. He is also a pro-active DJ, skilled in composing EDM who has been featured at various concerts and conventions, which has also garnered him his wide recognition.

The interview session was conducted in a small group together with M.A.G. Please visit their site for their part of the interview questions. Special thanks to our media friend WWHCurrent for helping on the translations.

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Why did you choose to get in touch with using Vocaloids for your songwriting?

There are several reasons for that. Firstly, ever since NicoNicoDouga came about, I’ve been watching videos on it, and I came across Vocaloid. Secondly, after hearing several high quality uploads, I thought to myself, “I’ll like to make something like these one day.” Since I didn’t have any friends who were able to lend me their vocals at that time, I thought “I’ll use Vocaloid then, since I can do everything by myself.”


You recently released an album titled “Twinkle World”  with the use of the new Vocaloid twins called Anon and Kanon. How was it like approaching Anon and Kanon because they are very new and hardly anyone used them?

I first got to use them when I was asked to create the demo song for when they both first debuted. While Hatsune Miku was the first Vocaloid I’ve used, I like using a variety of the Vocaloids. So for this album, I chose to use Anon and Kanon, Megurine Luka and Gumi.

You have been known to collaborate with the video maker Wakamura P, how do you two come about in making a production together?

The first time I came into contact with him wasn’t for work actually; he created the PV for my song “Electric Love” and uploaded it on his own accord. When I found out about the PV, that’s when we first decided to work together.

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Have you ever thought of composing music without the use of Vocaloid? Do you have any songs you composed without Vocaloid? If so, did you find it more difficult to do so as the process might be different from usual.

Of course I’ve thought about it, although not so much of anime songs than idol songs. Yes, I’ve composed a number of songs without relying on Vocaloid. There are many differences in making songs that aren’t vocaloid-centric. For one, the nuances of singing are different; after all the quality of a human voice and the way they sing it are different. Vocaloid singings are inorganic and don’t sound human, and there’s a charm to that, but when compared to an actual singer, I’m always conscious about about the latter’s habits and create my songs base on that.

Since the singers are human, there’s a limit to their voices too, like how high can their pitch go and such. While it’s hard sometimes due to these limits, it’s actually quite enjoyable. On the other hand, Vocaloid has no such limitations, so it may be interesting to create songs freely, but that itself can sometimes be a difficult task too. Either way, each environment provides its own sense of enjoyment.

Is there anybody you would like to pick if you could borrow the voice of any vocalists?

While I don’t have a particular person in mind, I do prefer cute voices. I like to compose songs that compliment the singer, and I usually to create them while wondering if the songs will fit them or not, so maybe I’ll like a vocalist whom I can consult with when composing the songs.

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