At the 5th Anniversary Live program earlier this evening, it was announced that the Bandai Namco Games franchise God Eater animated series, announced back at Tokyo Games Show 2014, will air in Summer this year. Ufotable (Tales of Xillia, Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night – Unlimited Blade Works) would be the studio producing the animation, directed by Hirao Takayuki .
2071年極東 此処は荒ぶる神々の領域

God Eater was released in February 2010 for the PlayStation Portable, with an expanded episode named God Eater Burst half a year later, followed by an English release in 2011. Similar to many monster hunting games, It follows the story of a group of youths, called God Eaters, who join the organisation Fenrir at their Far East branch to fight the mysterious giant monsters known as “Aragami” with their weapons “God Arcs”, which can devour the Aragami. The game was well-received both in Japan and overseas, and has since appeared in different media, including light novels and manga, along with a sequel, God Eater 2, released for both the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita in November 2o13. An enhanced port with an extra episode, named God Eater 2: Rage Burst, will be released on February 19 2015 for both the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4.


God Eaters


A special teaser was shown along with the announcement as well:


NicoNico subscribers can also watch the entire event here:

You may also follow the animation team update at their official twitter account while eagerly awaiting this summer blockbuster!


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