Giving her maiden performance at Anime Festival Asia on her return visit to Singapore, yannaginagi is a name that has often been on many folks’ lips. The singer-songwriter who started off with cover uploads to Nico Nico Douga soon came into prominence after teaming up with Supercell as their guest vocalist under the pseudonym “nagi”. Dipping her hand into a multitude of music genres, she made her solo debut in 2012 and has since cut 8 singles and 2 albums, offering a wide feast of musical styles to the listening audience.

Today, we are proud to bring you an interview with this multi-talented young lady.

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Congratulations on your first concert here in AFA. How do you feel about performing here for the first time?

This is actually my second time here in Singapore as I was here in Singapore for another event previously. When I was about to leave back then, the fans asked me to come back again. I am very happy I am able to realize this dream now I have been given the chance to be back here and sing for this huge concert.

You have sang the song Tokohana (トコハナ) for Black Bullet, how did you translate the feeling of the anime into the song?

Tokohana is based on the theme of a lotus flower, which has the ability to absorb clean water from mud, and bloom beautifully and cleanly despite being in the mud, and when translating that theme from a flower to that of a person – even if a person can be drowned in dirty/complex feelings, I want to be like the lotus flower to help cleanse them, and it is with this feeling that I sing the song.

Is there anything in the future you want to accomplish?

When I compose songs, it has always been writing the song first followed by making the video later, but I would like to try doing the opposite for a change – creating a song to match pre-made visuals.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to move my body around. Recently, I been trying to challenge rock climbing.


For the anime Black bullet who is your favourite character? And Why?

Tina Sprout. She’s kawaii and lovely. (laugh)

You have been to Singapore a few times now, is there a particular food you like here?

I had chicken rice the last time I was here and I find it very delicious. However I won’t have the chance to have it this time round, so I’m looking forward to to try it again in Singapore next time.

Are there any special preparations you do before a concert?

I refrain from doing anything I don’t usually do, as I get very nervous before a concert. So, yeah, I just do everything as per normal.

I heard that you collect musical instruments. Are there particular musical instrument that you like?

Hmm.. I guess you could say I like keyboard-type instruments? My favorite instrument is the Melodica.


Question regarding your upcoming New album hall Polyomino will be out in a few days, what kind of message so you want to convey to your fans in this new song?

The word “Polyomino” actually comes from the puzzle game, where you join many rectangular tetragons together to make tetris-like shapes, and join them together – without spaces in-between to fit into a rectanglular shape.

It basically means that even though the many tetragons are individually the same, when arranged/formed in different ways – it may lead to a new insights and answers, and that is also the theme that I am using when making the album.

Is there any special message to your fans before the concert?

For this upcoming concert, I am going to sing various genres of songs, so I hope there will be at least one of them that every member of the audience will enjoy.

Having sung many songs related to anime, how do you feel about the anime culture as a whole?

I personally really love anime. so when doing song for anime. There are some songs that simply can’t be made without interacting with/getting into the anime itself, and I feel that the positive energy from having to do so is a good thing, and if I have the chance, I had like to do more collaborations with anime in the future.

Who was your largest influence to your style of music and which other artist do you admire?

A Japanese artist, Akino Arai (新居 昭乃), was the biggest influence for me to start composing music.

Are you also influenced by other genres of music?

I would say  Múm (MuuMu), a musician from Iceland. Her style is mainly electronic so you can say that my roots of my music also came from her.


Having left Supercell, what would you say is the most important lesson you have learn in your time during the collaboration?

Ryo from supercell is very particular about music. He’s like a strict music teacher during the collaborations. Since that was my first major collaboration, I thought it was normal for the music industry.

However when I did collaborations with others, I realised that they were all less strict compared to Ryo. So I can now handle whatever kind of situations that come my way without depending on others.

If you were to describe yourself in a single sentence how would you phase it about yourself?

My-pace (laugh)

Could you share with us your plans for 2015?

Currently I’m planning to promote the release of my new “Polyomino”, and do a tour based on the Polyomino theme in Japan.

That’s all we have for yanaginagi, stay tuned for more from !

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