Ladies and Gentleman, Starchild presents you , The World’s Greatest Cosplay Trio of The Century ,

KANAME . Yuegene Fay . Reika 

Before we begin, What is a Starchild ?


Starchild is a sub-label under King Records which handles King Records anime productions, which include anime soundtracks and actual anime production. And this year , they are bringing in 3 very very awesome cosplayers that will make you go “Gwahhhhhh” to AFA!!!

Everyone , Let’s welcome the King , KANAMESAN back to AFA SG 2014 this year!

trio 3

KANAME has attended AFA many many times already but well, everyone is still always excited and happy whenever the king makes his return right? As a loyal citizen , I am glad and rejoice my king’s return. Long Live the King! Anyways, instead of just being a special guest this year, KANAME-sama will be representing Starchild and will be collaborating with the  amazing Yuegene and Reika!

They will be cosplaying from the same series and in other words, a group! Yes! All of them will be  cosplaying together and Kaname is the cutest or should I say most ‘Eren’ of them all! LOL!

Kaname & Yugene

In Yuegene’s previous interview, Yuegene said that when she was cosplaying as Mikasa and Kaname as Eren , she thought she could depend on him but since she was able to manage it she didn’t seek for any help. When she completed her makeup and finished wearing all her gears [ Mikasa has many gears – refer to Shingeki no Kyojin if you don’t know what is a Mikasa ] she heard a knock on the door and she was excited anticipating a Eren with full gear and all ready to go for the event.

But what was in front of her was a helpless Eren not even half ready at all ! KANAME [ Eren ] only had his makeup on and he needed help from Yuegene [ Mikasa ] to wear the gears ! And so , Yuegene says in a cute and playful manner during the interview that KANAME IS VERY EREN! xD ! I think they have such a cute relationship I can’t wait to see them all at AFA SG 14.

Kaname as the very Eren , Eren Jeager and Yuegene as Mikasa Ackerman

Kaname as the very Eren , Eren Jeager and Yuegene as Mikasa Ackerman

Okay! Another good news! KANAME  is bringing along his new photobook, Harmonize : Within Call and THE FIRST 100 FANS TO PURCHASE IT WILL BE GIVEN A FREE POLAROID PICTURE !!! How awesome is that? Freaking Awesome!!! So make sure you visit AFASG14 as early as possible and grab the books!

KANAME's photobook . Harmonize : Within Call

KANAME’s photobook . Harmonize : Within Call


Okay! The next one is YUEGENE FAY FROM THAILAND !!!

trio 2

Yuegene will also be representing Starchild and  cosplaying together with KANAME & Rekia. I really can’t wait to see Yuegene! She is the most perfect Mikoto ever ! It’s like she jumped out from K and stands beside you! In fact, she’s probably the living Mikoto!She is flawless! Super incredibly tall and her skin is like porcelain!

Yuegene is more of the cool kind as most of the character she cosplays have the deadly killer eyes where there are so dark and mysterious and scary and all but you just can’t help getting lost it them. Yeah! Those kind of characters. But this year, at AFA, Yuegene will be cosplaying a more ‘MOE’ character. A total contrast. I seriously cannot wait to see how she pulls it off with KANAME around!

yuegene is best

Yuegene says ‘ Moe ‘ character is a bit hard for me but I will try . Yuegene as Minamoto from Hoozuki no Reitetsu


Last one is the all time amazing Reika !


Recently , Reika has been coslaying many many characters as well as travelling to many many countries and finally , she’s coming back to Singapore again! I can’t ever get enough of this friendly, warm and yet funny Reika. She just have so much randomness and cuteness it make me laugh! This time, Reika will be with the other two of her trio and that is even more exciting!


I have been constantly stalking Reika’s Facebook and it seems she will be cosplaying as Munakata Reisi , The Blue King from the anime series K.

reika 3-tile

Reika’s Work In Progress for Munakata Reisi

 There! You have it . A trio of Kings and I,the Princess heheheeXD ! Just kidding.

Well whatever it is, come and visit Starchild’s booth at AFA SG 2014

mpd 2-horz

Come and play with the three kings at AFA SG !

I Promise you’ll have a great time *Wink*

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