LiSA, her name is now no stranger to the anime scene as she, ever since her debut, has brought us multiple anisongs to our pleasure. Having debuted in 2011, she started her anisong career as part of the fictional band, Girls Dead Monster from the animation Angel Beats as the singing voice of the character, Yui. Soon after that she has also sang the opening theme song for hit anime series such as Fate/Zero (Oath Sign), Sword Art Online (Crossing Field), and recently, the ending theme songs for the anime Sword Art Online 2 (No more time machine & Shirushi).

Of course on top of her anisong career, she’s also famous for her high tension, energetic, pop and rock music too! With her last single Bright Flight/L.Miranic, hitting a high 8 place in the Weekly oricon charts!

And during the recent Anime Festival Asia Singapore, it is LiSA’s 4th time visiting Singapore and we had a chance to be seated with this power-filled diva for her exclusive group interview! Without further ado, may we present to you, the one and only, LiSA!

AFA 2014 LiSA (2)

Could you tell us more about your upcoming single?

My new single, Shirushi, is the ending theme song for the anime Sword Art Online 2. The story arc, Mother’s Rosario, is about treasuring the people around you, be it in real life or be it within a game. It can be your friends, your family members or your significant other. A message from me is that I’ll always be waiting for everyone, be it whether my family or my fans, it is because I have people that I treasure, that I am able to exist as I am now.

How is it that you are able to let off so much energy when you are performing on stage? Is there any special exercise routine that you follow?

There isn’t really anything special about the way I exercise, but I would frequently go jogging when I have the time. Other than that, I would ensure that my health is in good shape by making sure I get enough food and sufficient sleep.

How did you feel about your fans during your time in Shanghai and Bangkok?

The last time I managed to visit Shanghai was 3 years ago, and there were people I recognized who were there to receive me again. There were a lot of new faces greeting me this time round! They all received me in all sorts of ways, and made it a very fresh experience for me, and that find was a really fun and exciting moment for me.

It was my first time visiting Thailand, I was really happy that the Thai fans were familiar with my music and even sang along with me during my performance.

LiSA Shirushi

As Shirushi was your first ever ballad, how did you prepare for it? Is the musical process any different from your usual pop and rock music?

The production of Shirushi did not feel any different from making my usual style of music. As this would be used as the ending them for the Mother’s Rosario arc in Sword Art Online, I kept thinking about the kind of music that would suit it. Eventually I felt that only a ballad would suit it the most! Using this opportunity, I also added in my feelings in which I wanted to express to my fans and people I care for into this song.

Is there any artist in which you felt had influenced your style of music?

I really like the American band, Green Day! I have also attended their live performance when they came to Japan. And without using words, they used their music to communicate with their Japanese fans. On top of that, they were really active on stage and keep moving about while continuing to sing. I felt that it was extremely cool and realized that I wanted to be like them as well someday!


As the song, “Rising Hope” was the opening theme song for the anime, Mahouka Kokou no Ryutosei, if you could use magic, what kind of magic would you like to use?

If I could use magic, I would want to know what you are thinking about right now!

But really, I would want to look into their minds and I feel that it would be really nice if I could find out what they are thinking about and know what they are desiring.

What was your inspiration to be a singer?

I really like the movies from Disney, and I felt that I wanted to be like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. And so from there I started my singing career.

Could you share with us some advice you would give to people who aspire to be a singer like you?

I have been through a lot while building my career and learnt that not all dreams can be fulfilled. However, I feel that the most important point is to keep believing in yourself and not stop doing what you enjoy because you would never know if the next step you take, would be a small step or a big leap in your life. So please, don’t lose hope and continue to believe in yourself.


Could you share with us your feelings you have when singing the song, Bright Flight?

I have travelled to multiple countries and this is my 4th time coming to Singapore. And every time I come back people will then greet me with “Okaeri” (welcome back). Even in Japan, as I am now staying in Tokyo, people will once again greet me “Okaeri” when I visit them in other prefectures. And with all the joy and experience I gain from my time in Japan, I would bring along with me all these emotions I have gained and bring them all to Singapore to share it all with my fans in Singapore!

As you would soon be performing in Tokyo Budokan for the second time during January 2015, what are your thoughts about this wonderful success?

This time’s Budokan concert would be a 2-day event, the theme for the first day would be pop (strawberry donuts), and the theme for the second day would be rock (chocolate donuts)! And using these two days, I would like people to enjoy their time and feel that “LiSA’s music is the best!’ after it is all over.

And about the donuts, it is a Japanese joke, like a pun. The idea behind it is comes from the sentence, “no matter what happens, today is another great day!” So the part “no matter what”, translates to “Dou nate mou” in Japanese.  And thus, the pun, donuts!

Is there any food you like in Singapore?

I have eaten chicken rice every time I visit Singapore, and although I like it, I would also like to know what other food in Singapore other than chicken rice is good to eat?

Is there any fashion accessory that you hold close to you and never leave sight of it?

My pendant! I even have it with me when I enter the showers. It’s is with me every day! Rather than a special memory of it, I am extremely fond of star designs. And whenever I come across an accessory with a star shape, be it a ring or a necklace, I would be unable to resist and buy and add it to my collection!

There were fans who went to the airport to receive you last evening, but since they did not know the time of your arrival, they waited since morning to welcome you to Singapore. Do you have any message that you like to convey to them?

Sorry to have kept you waiting since morning, I bet you were extremely tired! I am extremely grateful that you were constantly waiting for my arrival to welcome me despite not knowing what time I would arrive. I am truly happy to have been able to meet you too! But please, get lots of rest and sleep when you get back home! And I would be extremely happy if you can catch enough sleep and come enjoy my performance tonight!

Silica ALO

If you could take part in ALO in the Sword Art Online anime, what sort of class would you like to be?

I really like the character Silica in the series, I would like to be a cat sith just like her! And be able to fly around!

Would you prefer to cast magic or use physical weapons?

Hmm….would one do you like?

I like using both!

Then I’ll go with both too!

AFA 2014 LiSA (1)

Don’t go yet! It is still not the end of the article! As we may know, this will be Singapore’s 50th anniversary! And one of it’s special feature to welcome the new year, is writing one’s wishes on a small white ball to commemorate this special occasion! And yes, you guess right! With us, we have the sweet LiSA filling in her own wish, and wishing our dear Singapore a Happy 50th Birthday! Check out these awesome photos we got especially for your eyes!

Hope to make many great songs and be able to come back to Singapore again

♥ LiSA 2014.12.6

That’s all we have for LiSA, stay tune for more from !

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