Three of Taiwan’s top cosplayers, Akatsuki Tsukasa , Judy and H was here in Singapore for AFA representing ANIPLUS HD to promote the latest anime, Psycho Pass 2.


Akatsuki Tsukasa is a well experienced dressmaker as well as a cosplayer. She is also very passionate about cosplay and always strives to do her best. Judy is the cute and sweet darling of the gang. Apart from cosplaying , she is also a skilled photographer. Lastly, H, despite always cosplaying male characters and possessing a deep voice, she has a really nice nature.

Along with our other media friends we present to you the interview session we had with them.

Is this your first time in Singapore ? What are your thoughts about Singapore and Anime Festival Asia  ?

Akatsuki  : This is not my first time in Singapore. I have already been in Singapore for AFA for the past two years. I think that the people here are very passionate and enthusiastic.

Judy : It is also not my first time here. I have been in Singapore three times already, two times in AFA as well and I also think that people here are really passionate.

H : I came here for Funan Anime Matsuri earlier this year so it’s not my first. And I think people here are very fired up and passionate.

Akatsuki : I realized we all just said the same thing . PASSIONATE ! (laughs)

Judy & H : (Laughter)

Akatsuki : I came over to Singapore earlier this year in February and went to Universal Studios by myself. On my next visit I came with Judy and we went again. After that I came with H and we went again. Finally, when the three of us came together we went to Universal Studios again and I became the tour guide for the trip.

One Piece LAW

This question is for Akatsuki. In the anime series One Piece, Who is your favorite character ?

Akatsuki : There are many characters that I really love in One Piece but if I really have to choose one it would be Law.


Akatsuki : You like him too ?


Akatsuki  : *smiles* He is really handsome and recently, the manga has been telling us more on Law’s past life and about how his name came from touches me. One Piece is a very funny manga series but then, at the moment where you find everything funny and nonsensical, it starts showcasing the hardships they went through together and it’s gets really touching.

Why do you cosplay and when did you start cosplaying ?

Akatsuki  : I started around 10 years or so. Three of us has known each other for a long time. When we started cosplaying, we had already known each other. I started via drawing doujins and going to conventions to watch my friends cosplay. As my circle of friends around me are cosplayers, I started to join them in cosplaying as well due to their influence.

Judy : Like Akatsuki, I have been cosplaying for a long time too. H and I happen to be schoolmates since primary school. After we started not long in cosplaying we came to know Akatsuki in a school club.

H : Judy started cosplaying first and I tagged along with her and discovered it was really fun. From there I started in cosplaying as well.

Do you have any advice for new cosplayers or those who wants to get involved in this hobby ?

Akatsuki : Well , cosplaying is very time and money consuming so one has to know how to set their priorities right. For example, if you’re a student, then you have take care of your studies and homework first so that people around you like your teachers , parents and friends will actually  know that cosplaying is beneficial to you and not vice versa. Cosplay is actually a hobby which helps you grow.

Judy : Akatsuki said it all *laughs* . Well, if it’s on the preparation part, then I think my advice is try to make it as perfect as possible and try not to use other cosplayers as a reference but instead, the character itself.

H : Well, I think health is the most important. Because I know some people would go all out to reach their goals in cosplay. It’s like, even if they are sick they still want to cosplay.

Akatsuki : Are you talking about me ? *everyone laughs*

H : No, if it is for a duty then it is okay but if it is just for fun then it’s different. For example, I have a friend who was sick and still insisted to cosplay. Despite after having injections she insisted on cosplaying, when it would be better to stay at home and rest so that your family and friends won’t worry so much.

Akatsuki : Why do you keep looking at me?

H : No, no! But yeah, health is still the most important and don’t let those who care for you worry.

AFA Akatsuki Tsukasa, Judy and H (1)

Does your cosplay name such as Akatsuki Tsukasa , Judy and H have a special meaning  ?

Akatsuki : Oh yes!  When I was in secondary school, I read a Chinese novel and that was my favorite novel (Tokyo Crazy Paradise). In the novel, Akatsuki is a female character with a guys name who lived in a harsh environment but she was brave and determined facing all the difficulties. Ever since , I was really determined to make her positive character apart of my own and hence, the name Akasuki Tsukasa.

Judy : Judy is my English name. Simple as that.

H : Well , actually I used my own name and translated it to Japanese. The Japanese translation is Hotaru but many people didn’t know how to pronounce it, so to simplify it I just call myself as H. I am so used to being called as H till I would not respond to people who call me Hotaru instead. *laughs*

Is there any difference between in the cosplay community between Singapore and Taiwan ?

AkatsukiJudy & H : I think Singapore and Taiwan is almost the same. The progress of Singapore cosplayers cosplaying on the latest anime characters is similar to Taiwan. So, there’s not much difference, both have very good works.

What do you like most about cosplaying ?

Akatsuki : I love outdoor photo shooting the most! Usually there are only like maybe two to three cosplayers but we will bring along photographers and also assistants. It is like a team. Sometimes, it requires us to travel a far distance but we all had fun playing and enjoying together so it is like a vacation. But during the photo shoot we will be very serious in getting in character to make it perfect so it’s like a challenge to myself.

Judy : Erm…I think I love it the most when I complete my costume! It’s like ” Yeah! Finally it’s done!”

H : I feel most excited about food! Thinking about what should we eat later after the shoot. Because after shooting, we all will be very hungry so the meal will taste extremely delicious. Therefore, I am always most excited about eating.

What is your favorite anime series now ?

Akatsuki : I have got a lot I like including the series I am cosplaying from, Psycho Pass. I really like Kogami. He is my type. I also like Macross Frontier and the character Sheryl Nome and if you include other genres, I also love Vocaloids.

Why didn’t you cosplay as Kogami?

Akatsuki : Oh because today we are cosplaying the characters from the second season.

Judy : Well to be honest, I haven’t been watching much anime this season. I have been playing games, like “古剑奇谭” and “剑侠情缘3” I like Psycho Pass 2 and Terror in Resonance. I also like Super Sonico too but that was last season.

H : Psycho Pass and my favorite character is Makishima. I personally love sports themed anime such as Haikyuu, Yowamushi Pedal, Free! , Kuroko no Basuke and etc.

AFA Akatsuki Tsukasa, Judy & H (6)

What special qualities do you think you have sets you apart from other cosplayers ?

Akatsuki , Judy and H : Well, I don’t think we are any different from any of the other cosplayers since we all put in the time and effort gathering info on details on the characters to work towards the final product.

AkatsukiMaybe, the difference between us is when the holidays everyone goes out and play.

H : When the holidays, we will turn on our computers and watch animes.

We are all the same!

Akatsuki : Watch anime as we eat and sleep.

Other than cosplay , What are your goals in life ?

Judy : Earn a lot of money, eat well, sleep well. * everyone laughs*

Akatsuki : Well, I love travelling so I wish to travel to European countries, not just for a short time but for a long stay because I really love the culture there.

Judy : Oh me again, since my profession is not cosplay , I would want to be successful in my career, sleep more because I have to work in the day and make costumes at night. Earn more money and hang out with friends more as it is one of the most joyful things for me.

H : I really wish I can go to Japan because that’s where all the manga and anime originated from. Also I would like to go to Comiket and experience it myself.

As a cosplayer, you have been cosplaying for a very long time, is there any funny or special moments you can remember in your cosplay journey ?

Judy : Can’t recall any at the moment *laughs*

Akatsuki : We are all Taiwanese but we have never met each other in Taiwan. Instead, we all met in Singapore.



AkatsukiJudyH : Well , this year at AFA, there are many Taiwanese guests just like us. Actually all of us knew one another and followed each other as well as commenting on each other’s works on social media, but we have never met in real life in Taiwan but all of us met for the first time in Singapore just now.

Isn’t this funny? All of us are from Taiwan and we knew each other but we have never met in any local events or anywhere else but of all places, our first meeting was in Singapore instead of Taiwan.

Akatsuki : Also , there was a special moment when I met a fan. She knows my favorite character and found that I will be attending a certain event. Because of that , she cosplayed that specific character for to meet me. As she was a student, she had to rush the costume a day before and didn’t manage to catch any sleep. I was really touched then.

 H : Well, the one that I can remember is the efforts my fans take to see me and that really makes me touched and I am really thankful. So thank you all.

Akatsuki : To add on , There was once when we were attending at event at China, there were two fans who were Chinese cosplayers but residing in Australia. Upon knowing that we would be attending the event in China , they flew all the way from Australia just to meet us in China and had to fly back shortly after that. That was really memorable and touching.

As a cosplayer yourself, do you have any cosplayers that you admire or find inspiring ?

Akatsuki : There’s no specific cosplayers that I admire but I really admire and like those cosplayers who put in a lot of effort. Especially those who make the props, costume themselves and post tutorials to help other cosplays. As long as you put in effort into making it a success then I think it is really worth the admiration.

Judy : Yup! It doesn’t really matter if you buy the costume or make it yourself, as long as you put in full effort then I really admire and like.

H : I don’t actually have any cosplayers I admire but when I go for events I would search for cosplayers cosplaying the characters I like and take a photo with them.

What are your future cosplay plans ?

Akatsuki : Well, I will be doing Love Live Christmas Version as Christmas is just around the corner.

Judy : We are doing the same.

Akatsuki : You can say your own plans too!

Judy : Well , yeah. I will be doing Love Live too as I really like it because the characters and all of them are just so cute.

H : Other than that, I will also be cosplaying characters from sports themed anime.

Akatsuki : Oh yeah, there’s also Yowamushi Pedal which we are planning to cosplay with our Hong Kong friends.

AFA Akatsuki Tsukasa, Judy and H (5)

Do you have anything you want to say to your fans ?

AkatsukiI want to thank all the fans for taking care of us . Before we came over for AFA, we did an announcement on our personal pages that we will be coming over and there were many of fans who commented on our post welcoming us to Singapore. What really touched me the most was when we came to know that the tickets for AFA this year are more expensive than previous years and most of our fans are still students. But they said that it was alright and they will still buy the tickets to come meet us. There were also some fans who actually take note on our favorite food and gave it to us when we all hang out together. I am really touched and thankful to all of them.

Judy : I want to thank all the Singapore fans for their constant support on our Facebook pages. Really happy I am able to come to Singapore again. Hopefully, in the future I can come again.

H : It’s my turn ? *Laughs* Well, this is my second time in Singapore and I went to Malaysia previously too. I am really touched by the fans from both Malaysia and Singapore for their constant support. Most of them are still students, and despite is their exam period they still came and see us. That really made me feel touched. There were even some Malaysian fans who came here just to see us. Thank you everyone.

That’s all we have from Akatsuki Tsukasa , Judy and H  for more from !

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