At the recent BlizzCon 2014, Blizzard announced a new IP (Intellectual Property) that looks like artworks from Destiny and the game play elements from Team Fortress 2 and apply into the game Overwatch.

I remember when Blizzard first announced that they were scrapping Titan. Being a long time Blizzard fan, I had been waiting ever since the rumors started to spread on the net about Titan. But in the end, development limbo, a massive team overhaul and Blizzard‘s persistence on not releasing a title until they were very satisfied with it forced them to shut down the project.

But with Overwatch, some new life might have been given to Titan, somewhat, as some of the assets from Titan‘s development has been carried into this new IP.

What’s more, this game looks really amazing.

Have a look at its trailer:

So far, the press details of it have been nothing short of spectacular. Just like Team Fortress 2, you pick you characters and take a team, and pit against other players in an arena. So far, two game modes have been revealed – Payload and Point Capture.

Payload essentially sets a team attacking an opposing team to prevent them from moving some precious cargo to a designated point. Point Capture is basically having a team defending areas while the opposing team rushes to capture these areas.

You can sign up for the beta now, and wait for more news. It is currently looking at a 2015 release date, and knowing Blizzard, it is unlikely they will spill the beans until they have polished up the game further.

What really got me interested are the characters – they are all so varied. They all also fulfill different roles in the game: Offense, Defense, Tank and Support.

The Offensive characters like Tracer and Reaper operate as their role suggests – shoot to kill.

Defensive characters such as Torbjörn essentially fulfill a role similar to what the Engineer would do in Team Fortress 2 – construct turrets and support structures for the benefit of the team.

Tanks draw attention and enemy fire, and have abilities to soak up damage or mitigate it, like what Reinhardt or Winston does. Support fulfills a more healing role, as can be seen by what Mercy does.

Of course, you can watch this gameplay trailer and it should sum it up pretty good:

The other thing that caught my eye was perhaps its potential for cosplay. And people have already tried it. While more time is needed for cosplayers and prop makers to actually make better and more accurate costumes and props, I think these day-one cosplays will have to do for now.

I can’t wait to see a Tracer cosplayer.

In any case, check this game out and some of its press materials. If you are a fan or arena styled shooters, this should keep you interested for quite a bit. Or… just wait for Far Cry 4.

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