Bringing fans from all over the world onto this sunny island on November 2nd 2014, Perfume hold their second live concert in Singapore with a show that was more extravagant than the last! To illustrate how grand this show was going to be, the concert was held at the Resorts World Theatre at Resorts World Sentosa, making them the second Japanese group to perform here. All 1500 seats were filled, making this a sold out concert!

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Before going into the details of the concert, let us first take a look around the venue ground.


As early as 11.30am in the morning, fans had started to gather at the doors of the Resorts World Theatre, ready to get their hands on the limited Perfume merchandise that was set to go on sale at 1:00pm. Merchandises included the official Perfume WORLD TOUR 3rd T-shirts, towels, beanies, and tumblers, along with some of Perfume’s albums, including their latest album, Level 3! Members of Perfume’s international fan club, P.T.A, were also entitled to purchase a special Perfume T-shirt and an exclusive photo book!

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Right across the merchandise stand, we find the Panasonic x Perfume booth, where fans were given the chance to join in a special lucky draw when they participate in the booth’s Instagram event! Proudly supported by Panasonic, you can just imagine how spectacular this concert was going to be!

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Fans on the ground expressed excitement and joy as they waited for the doors to open and for Perfume to take the stage. Perfume had attracted not just the fans of Singapore to their stage, but even fans from all across the world. We had fans from Malaysia, Japan, Australia, and even London joining us that day! No doubt, Perfume has brought fans from different countries together and has forged many wonderful friendships across the globe.

Check out our interview of the fans who were waiting for the concert!

At 6.00pm, the doors were open and the fans were invited into the halls of Resort Worlds Theater, all set up and ready to go for the concert. The seats were soon filled up.

As the lights dimmed, fans began cheering and clapping enthusiastically for Perfume. It was an amazing vibe and the energy from the fans showed how ready they were to welcome Perfume to take the stage cheering to the opening of the concert with the first song “Enter the Sphere”! Audience clapping to the beat of the song as the concert opened into an amazing lightshow that was played upon a thin white curtain, giving it a 3D effect.

Before long, the lights behind the curtains lit up and revealed the silhouettes of the three girls and cheers erupted from the crowd. The curtains then dropped, revealing Perfume in their pink dresses and the music led straight into their next song, “Spring of Life”!


Keeping up the momentum, Perfume led into their recent hit song, “Cling Cling”, which made full use of their cube themed stage design as the cubes lit up in different colors along with the music.

Having ended their second song, the girls gathered back on stage to introduce themselves, trying their best to address the crowd in English, until they decided to gather an old friend from the audience, Ume-san to help translate.

They shared their experiences of visiting the Sentosa Merlion, going up to the mouth of the Merlion and been amazed by the view from it. A~chan also shared with us their experience trying to order room service at their hotel after their long flight over to Singapore. But when they found out that the menu was written completely in English, the girls had struggled to figure out what was written until the wonderful staff members who had been escorting them went the extra mile to help translate the entire menu to Japanese just for them. The girls were extremely touched by them.


This was where  A~chan had an idea to split the crowd into the groups, “Room”, “Sa”, and “Vist” (“Room Service!”). Having riled the crowd up with some playful cheering, Perfume led into their fourth song of the night, “One Room Disco”, accompanied with a costume change!

Perfume then led into their fifth song, “Nee”, that was accompanied with a blue and emerald themed light show that matched their blue dresses. Following that, Perfume performed “SEVENTH HEAVEN” before the lights dimmed again for the interlude.

The music that accompanied the laser show of the interlude then led into Perfume’s next song, “Holding Your Hand”, as the girls came back on stage in black dresses, and following that, another hit song, “Spending all my time (DV&LM remix)”!

The white stage that the girls had been using then broke into three different pieces, one for each member, for a song from their first album, “GAME”! The girls even brought out lightsabers for this song!

As Perfume moved onto their next song, “Dream Fighter”, they made yet another costume change into a teal-colored dress! When the song ended, Perfume spoke to the audience once again and asked the audience to join in in the next section. Building up the atmosphere, Perfume performed “Party Maker” before going into the much awaited P.T.A. Corner!!


The girls called out to the teams, “Room”, “Sa”, and “Vist”, riling the crowd up as they performed a small skit. It was then that one of the girls said that they were feeling cold before breaking into a song, singing a small part of “Let it Go” from the movie, Frozen, in English! The girls also acted out a well-known scene from the movie!

The girls then engaged the crowd again, leading the crowd in some clapping, cheering and hand movements, all in preparation for the end of the concert. Perfume even praised that their fans who were there that day were doing much better than when they were in Taiwan, praising that the audience was much more in sync with so little practice!


With that, the P.T.A. Corner came to an end and Perfume got the audience to join in with them for their next song, “GLITTER”. Following that, Perfume announcing their next song of the night as a disco ball descended from the ceiling, “Chocolate Disco”!

Ending with a classic disco pose, the girls moved on into their final song of the night, “Polyrhythm”! With the end of the song, Perfume thanked the audience and exits the stage.

However, that was not the end of the concert just yet as the audience cried out in unison for an encore. And within a few minutes, Perfume was back on the stage to answer the call!


When the girls arrived, the Perfume Singapore Fan Club brought out the round-shaped fans with illustrations of the Merlion and Perfume that they had prepared and welcomed the girls back on stage, surprising them.

Not to keep their fans waiting, Perfume went on to perform their first encore song, “FAKE IT”. For the grand finale, Perfumed sang “MY COLOR” and got the members of the audience to join in with all the arm movements they had practiced during the P.T.A. Corner!


With the final song coming to an end, Perfume thanks the audience and takes a deep bow before waving to all their fans in the room as they exited the stage. With the announcement from the emcee signaling the end of the amazing night, the fans filed out of the theater slowly, each discussing happily about the concert they had just witness.

And this brings us to the end of our review of the Perfume WORLD TOUR 3rd in Singapore! Thank you so much for reading, and we would like to shout out our thanks to Perfume for coming back to Singapore for this performance! We hope to have you back again for your next world tour!

Until next time!!

Perfume WORLD TOUR 3rd Setlist
(Singapore 2 Nov 2014)

1. Enter the Sphere
2. Spring of Life
3. Cling Cling
4. Ijiwaru na Hello
6. Hold Your Hand
7. Spending All My Time (DV&LM remix)
9. Dream Fighter
10. Polyrhythm
11. Party Maker
13. Chocolate Disco


Photo Credits to  Clarence Aw & Esther Tay
Credits to Tokiya
Special Thanks to Amuse Entertainment Singapore



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