parasyte keyartWarning ! 

When watching this anime you might want to cover your ear and nose and might as well your eyes.
Be afraid! Be very afraid!
These alien parasites are coming to get you and invade your bodies.

The world we know is about to change. Come 9 October, worm-like alien creatures will slither their way into Animax’s airwaves as Parasyte -the maxim- premieres across Asia on the same day as Japan, in original Japanese audio with localized subtitles.

Based on Hitoshi Iwaaki’s award-winning manga, Parasyte -the maxim- will infuse the late 1980s – 1990s classic with a modern edge by setting the stage for the parasite epidemic in present day Japan.

The story unfolds when Shinichi Izumi (voiced by Nobunaga Shumazaki, Photo Kano), an ordinary high school student, is attacked by an alien parasite. He narrowly escapes from being fully infected by a parasite known as ‘Migi’ (Japanese for ‘Right’), who only manage to assume control of Shinichi’s right arm. This marks the beginning of their extraordinary friendship, as both Shinichi and Migi will learn to co-exist with each other. The plot thickens when they encounter other man-killing parasites and find themselves caught in the battle of the two species. With them being neither fully human nor alien, which side of the battle will they choose to take?

The horror-sci-fi themed series will deliver twenty-four solid and gripping episodes. The adapted anime is a Madhouse production (Hunter x Hunter, Title: Parasyte 寄生獣Genre: Scifi,the maximthriller, horror No. of episodes: 24 Cardcaptor Sakura), directed by Kenichi Shimizu with series composition put together by Shoji Yonemura (Death Note, Fairy Tail). With two live-action films also in the pipeline, the series is set to make a phenomenal impact on both television and the silver screen.

Behold and be ready, Parasyte -the maxim- will ‘take over’ the television screens before you know it.

Parasyte -the maxim- premieres on 9 October, airing on every Thursday at 11pm (SG, MY, PH) / 10pm (JKT, BKK) in a same-day-as-Japan simulcast, first and exclusively on Animax

Source: Animax Asia

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