On the 27th of September 2014, we were presented the opportunity to catch, NANA MIZUKI LIVE FLIGHT 2014+in Singapore over at Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa! This is the very first time, Nana Mizuki is performing a solo concert in Singapore and everyone was extremely thrilled about it! And that’s not all, this performance was also broadcasted to 4 other countries through Live Viewing, these countries included Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Japan!

The total turn-up for all 58 theatres were a whopping 17,000 people! And that’s not all, this Nana Mizuki Live Flight 2014+ in Singapore will also be having a DVD/Blu-ray release sometime in the near future!

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Before we share about the wonderful experience we had during the performance, let’s have a little throwback to the day of Nana-san’s arrival over at Singapore Changi Airport!


Amuse Singapore, had posted the flight details of the carrier which Nana-san would be arriving in on their SNS platform on Facebook and announced that her flight was estimated to arrive on the 26th of September, at 2255hrs. As the clock ticked towards midnight, at 2330 hrs, Nana-san was still yet to be seen. And despite being aware that the last train departing the airport was soon about to leave, the fans showed no intention of leaving the venue! Soon after, at about 2355hrs, loud cheering could be heard from the fans, as their prayers were answered.

Like a goddess answering her followers’ wishes, Nana-san walked through the doors and greeted the fans with her big Nana smile!


The fans took this opportunity and did everything they could, in high hopes of their idol receiving the gifts in which they have whole-heartedly prepared. It was certainly a brief moment, which lasted only no more than a few minutes, but even after Nana-san had left the venue, happy as well as excited faces could be seen everywhere as everyone was overjoyed of the fact  that Nana-san is finally in town! And everyone’s looking forward to her performance the following day!

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It was a bright and sunny Saturday, definitely an ideal time to be making your way to Sentosa with your friends and family to enjoy the great outdoors! But for a small fraction of the visitors in Sentosa who were basking in the sun, instead of being at the beach, they were queuing up in line to get their hands on the exclusive NANA MIZUKI LIVE FLIGHT 2014+ merchandises!

nana live flight+6

After getting their hands on their desired goods, many could be seen changing out into their new official concert T-shirts and putting on their brand new accessories! Not too long after, the entry doors opened and the staff began allowing entry to the excited people! After entering the hall, we sure were taken aback by the concert hall! We noticed that from the layout of the stage and seats, that everyone would be able to have a clear view of the front stage as the seats were neatly leveled and even the last row wasn’t all that far from the stage area!

Not too long after everyone was comfortable in their seats, the lights started to dim as loud cheers could be heard throughout the entire hall and the seating area were soon filled with blue lights illuminating from the official Nana glow sticks. The audiences were treated to a short video depicting a much younger Nana-san discovering a winged sculpture in a garden like environment holding her father’s hand and then transiting to her flying in a plane.

As the screen darkened, like a goddess descending onto the stage, Nana came onto the stage and greeted the crowd with her big Nana smile and opened the night’s performance with the song, Virgin Code.


As Virgin code ended, it was soon followed by Vitalization which was the opening theme song for the anime, Senko Zessho Symphogear G, and the hall could be seen once again, filled with individual lights of blue. Soon after that, was followed by the performance of Zankou no Gaia.

Nana-san, then greeted the crowd with her diligently rehearsed English. Telling the crowd how excited she was about this concert tonight! And it could be easily seen that she wasn’t the only one who was excited as the crowd of 1500 people replied energetically with a loud “YEAH!!”. After the brief introductions, she soon reverted to speaking in Japanese, and even after doing so, the crowd didn’t mind it one bit as they continued to cheer her on!


Not too long after, the lights gradually dimmed, signally the start of a new song. With the gentle introduction of a piano playing, the crowd could already guess what was coming up as they soon switched their glow sticks from a blue to a bright burning orange. And they were right, as Nana-san began to sing one of her iconic songs, Eternal Blaze. This song is no stranger to anime fans as this was used as the opening theme song of the hit anime series, Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s. Fans could be seen cheering and jumping with all their might as they moved along to the song.

As the song came to an end, Nana-san went backstage for her first costume change. We certainly weren’t left bored as we were soon entertained by Nana-san’s band members, the Cheribo Wings! Consisting of the members, on guitar we have, Aniki, Shu-chan and Kenny. On keyboard, we have Tom-kun! Next up on bass, Ryu-tan! And last but not least, on drums, was Martin! As a finale of their act, they ended with proclaiming that they will always be defending the peace of Singapore!


Nana-san then soon returned to the stage, and of course, in her new costume! Holding a foldable fan in a filly and colourful dress, she continued the concert with the sassy song, Fun Fun People! And the crowd could once again be seen singing along, responding to parts where she would sing, “Oh Yeah!” and “Oh No!”.

It was then time for the next MC, and once again, Nana-san thanked her audience while putting on a huge smile on her face! She then said that she was extremely surprised to see so many of her fans gathered at the airport just to welcome her despite the late arrival timing! And that she was extremely shocked to hear people screaming out her real name, “Kondo-san!” as she walked past yesterday. She also mentioned that she was looking forward to savouring some Singaporean cuisine, but all that she had so far was a packed bento from the Japanese restaurant Ootoya! But as the crowd cheered  in doubt, she added that she also had the chance to try Bee Hoon earlier this morning and that it was very delicious!

She then moved on to asking the band members, who arrived in Singapore earlier, about how they spent their time. Aniki then replied that he can’t say much, as it was an adult’s world! His response definitely left Nana-san and all of us wanting for more details, and so Nana-san tried prodding Aniki for more details saying that she was also an adult herself, but Aniki just wouldn’t budge one bit. After her MC, she then continued her performance with the songs, Setsuna Capacity and Fate.


As Nana-san went backstage to change into her next costume, we were then entertained with the introduction of the dancers, Team Yoda, comprising of Mika, Anna, Mayu and Yumeko. Nana-san soon returned in a sparkling and glittery pink flight attendant outfit that also revealed a little midriff! She then admitted that this outfit was indeed rather sexy and the hall was soon filled with some whistling following by the audience chanting “Mawatte! Mawatte!(Spin Around)” and then chanting “Mou Ikkai(one more time)” even after she complied to the crowd’s earlier request!

Since she felt embarrassing having to spin all alone in front of so many people, she then requested to have one of the Cheribo Wings members to join her doing it. The crowd then voted for Aniki as the crowd shouted in unity. She then also gave the camera some fan service, giving the people at the Live Viewing a memory to remember!


She then performed Mugen, a song that she claimed was a little more grown up and sexy. And after that, donning a hooded black cloak, she performed Antique Nachmusik.

Moments later, as Nana-san heads back to swap into a new costume, the screen then began showing a scene of her piloting a plane. And to everyone’s surprise, she receives a video call from fellow voice actor, Nakamura Yuichi, who requested her to present the people of Singapore with a cute and lovable greeting. Initially hesitating, she then obliged and squeaked ‘I love you!’ But the call was soon interrupted, and Nana was then involved in an accident. Regaining consciousness, she found herself lying on the grass, and she soon noticed a bright light at the end of the path and decides to walk towards it. At the end, she then found the winged sculpture she had once seen as a child and soon makes a wish to it as she sprouts a large pair of wings.


Returning on stage, Nana reappeared in a red dress as the instrumentals burst into an explosive Kakumei Dualism! This song was originally a duet with TM Revolution, but as Nana-san sings, the audiences filled in the missing parts!

As she proceeded with more MC, she shared with the audience her overflowing joy and excitement that she was feeling, and being unable to contain all of those emotions. And so, she then decided to give the audiences a treat, presenting to them her brand new song, Kindan no Resistance! Kindan no Resistance which is Nana-san’s 30th single, is also the opening theme song of the anime Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragon, which will be aired during the autumn anime season.

As the enjoyable experience passed, it was finally time for Nana-san to say the words she dislikes the most, that the next song, would be her last for the evening. She then shared with the audience that during the time she had debuted, she would never have though she would be able to perform overseas, in Taiwan and Singapore, even in her wildest dreams! And that her goal would be to keep singing even after the age of 77! And that last song that she shared with everyone was, Miracle Flight!

nana live flight+3


To Nana-san’s great surprise, everyone started waving a blue flag, with the words ‘Our Journey has only just began!’ in their hands instead of their glow sticks! This was made possible with the combined efforts of NM7.RGG (Nana’s Fanclub), and everyone else in the seating area! It was definitely a scene that she wouldn’t be soon forgetting in her journey to come.


Though having said that, there was still more to come! After the continued cheering of Nana for an encore, Nana-san soon returned in her blue official T-shirt and started singing POPMASTER!

She then thanked the crowd for calling her out for an encore, and has decided to do her usual thing.

‘Here we go, Shassu!’

‘Shassu’ replied the crowd.

‘Once again, Shassu!’

‘Shassu!’ As the crowd replied again.

She then shared with the crowd that she had never imagined to be able to Shassu in Singapore and thanked the crowd once more!

She also then gladly announced that the live performance that everyone is now experiencing, would soon be released as a DVD! Everyone cheered as loudly as they could as soon as they heard the wonderful news! And onto the next song, she performed Discotheque! Almost at the end of the song, confetti rained upon the audiences and everyone were trying to grab one in mid-air to bring back as a memento of this once in a lifetime experience! And it wasn’t just any plain confetti, each streamer had Nana-san’s message saying “LIVE FLIGHT 2014+, これからも水樹奈々にかかってこおお~~い!!I’ll definitely see you again <3<3“

nana live flight+4

As soon as Nana-san disappeared from the stage, many would have thought that the concert was actually over already as some could be seen leaving from their seats. Others stayed behind and continued cheering for more! And after much chanting, their prayers were answered as Nana-san returned back for a 2nd encore! She told her audiences that she still have one last thing that was still undone.

She explained that prior to her arrival in Singapore, there was a vote on SNS media, Facebook, of the one song her fans wanted her to sing the most, and so she has now returned to stage to fulfil that wish of her fans. And that song was, Shin Ai(深愛)!Some in the audience could be seen tearing up as Nana-san was singing this song. It was truly the most fitting song to end this magical night.

mizukinana 9

Nana-san called out to the audience once again saying that it was truly the best and that she is already looking forward to her next performance in Singapore! As she thanked the crowd for the final time, she shouted to the crowd, “Korekara mo Mizuki Nana ni..”

“KAKATTE KOI!!!”Shouted the audience!

As Nana-san left the stage, everyone stood up from their seats to wave goodbye to her.

LIVE FLIGHT+ 2014 in Singapore may have ended, but its tour will still continue in Taiwan on the 4th nd 5th of October! Don’t miss it!

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Official Concert Photos by Kamiiisaka Hajime, Special Thanks to Amuse Entertainment Singapore

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