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Back for its’s 7th year Cosplay Mania Evolution 14 is Philippine’s premiere event for cosplay. As Cosplay continues to rise as a creative hobby for the young and old, the event continues to draw bigger crowds, with more than 25,000 attendees for last year’s two-day event.

Celebrating more than 10 years of Philippine cosplay history since the start back in 2000, attendees this year are in for a treat with the exclusive line up of activities,special  guests, band performance, exhibitors and lots more.

Cosplay Mania Evolution 14 happens on October 4 and 5, 2014 at the Function Rooms 3-5 of the SMX Convention Center Manila, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Philippines.

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Cosplay Tournament of Champions (TORCH) is a cosplay costume and talent competition that aims to create an energetic and competitive arena for Cosplay on a truly national level by holding cosplay contests in target venues in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

TORCH Cos Playoffs will be held in key SM Supermalls all over the country to determine the best cosplayers of each region. Winners from the Cos Playoffs get a chance to compete in the TORCH Finals that will take place on Sunday, October 5, 2014 in Cosplay Mania Evolution ’14. Click here for more information.

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Cosplay Solo Showdown The Cosplay Solo Showdown is a contest format that seeks to enhance the solo cosplay contest by allowing the Cosplayer  to optimize their performance, in terms of letting them customize their performance based on their costume characteristics as well as their audio track. In order to achieve this, entry into the contest will only be allowed through online registration and only a limited number of finalist slots will be available for the final stage competition. Click here for more information.

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Cosplay Team Battle is a contest format that seeks to raise the bar of the group cosplay contest by providing the teams access to all the production equipment and allowing them to customize not only their audio track, but their video presentation as well. Click here for more information.

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Hall Cosplay Masquerade is a costume contest designed to provide recognition and prizes for Cosplayers without a lengthy registration process or requiring stage time for all participants. Rules and requirements are relaxed allowing competitors to maximize their enjoyment of the convention as well as unrestricting their creativity. Click here for more information.

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Cyberzone Cosplay Grand Prix returns for a Third Heat! Solo competitors will also receive the spotlight as the competition heats up in the CCGP at the TORCH Cos Playoffs. Come in your best Cosplay costumes and show them off to the judges.Click here for more information.


Introducing Cosplay guests who will be attending the event.

From Singapore:

Jesuke was the first cover featured of Cosplay Gen: Worldwide Cosplay Magazine with her renditions of Dark Mousy from DN Angel, She also cosplayed Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy 8 and Sakata Gintoki from Gintama.

VIC has been a cosplay standout in many events in her native Singapore, as well as in Malaysia. After her last trip to the Philippines during Cosplay Mania 2013, she is excited to be back and to meet more cosplay fans and enthusiasts!


From Japan:

麗華 REIKA is a Japanese cosplayer renowned for portraying Barnaby Brooks Jr. from Tiger And Bunny and Ren Jinguuji from Uta no ☆ Prince-sama♪. 麗華 REIKA has visited Thailand, Singapore, and China as a cosplay ambassador. This is also 麗華 REIKA’s fourth time in the Philippines.

KANAME☆the hottest and the most sought after Japanese male cosplayer, is back in the Philippines for #CosplayMania14!

乾たつみ Tatsumi Inuicosplayer, administrator for and Cure Cosplay, and one of the distinguished judges of World Cosplay Summit. 

From Indonesia, America and Australia:

Pinky Lu Xun is a very successful and very popular Indonesian cosplayer. With her cosplay partner Orochi X, they were the first team to represent Indonesia at AFA Regional Cosplay Championships.

VAMPY BIT ME  american cosplayer, artist and model,is coming to the Philippines for Cosplay Mania 14! This would be her first time coming to the Philippines, let’s give her a big welcome!

OROCHI X australian cosplayer and one of the members of the popular Endless Illution team, Orochi X, returns for Cosplay Mania 14.

 Get ready for a J.A.M.-packed CosplayMania!
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Aya Ikeda (池田彩) singer of the theme songs of the anime Heartcatch Precure!Suite Precure♪, and Smile Precure! will be coming Philippines for Cosplay Maina Evolution 2014 to perform for the very first time ever.

She also performed the theme song for the one of the original video animations of Kindaichi Case FileKindaichi Shōnen no Jikenbo: Kuro Majutsu Satsujin Jiken-hen or Kindaichi Case Files: The Black Magic Murders.

In addition, she performed the theme songs for the online games “Finding Neverland Online” and “Harezora Monogatari.”

She currently has 2 albums out on sale. Aya wrote all her songs in the second album. She has performed solo concerts in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, and is now composing her own music as well.

Aya has performed in anime conventions in America such as “Anime Blues Con” in Memphis (June 2013), America’s largest anime convention, “Anime Expo 2013” in Los Angeles (July 2013) with more than 2,000 people in the audience. In March 2014, she joined the roster of guests of “Anime Matsuri 2014” in Houston, Texas, where she did not only perform her songs but also joined the fashion show as one of the models.

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LOVERIN TAMBURIN, is coming to Philippines and will be performing at Cosplay Mania JAM!!!

The rock J-Pop band that sang anime such as “Aishitageru” of “Makaisenki-Disgaea” and cover songs of popluar anime like Gurren Lagann, K-ON!, Soul Eater and Lucky☆ Star. They also toured anime conventions around the world from Switzerland to USA.

Ticketing Details:

Cosplay Mania 2014 (2)Cosplay Mania general tickets has different kinds of ticketing tier. The Bronze Pass are priced at Php150.00, customers who wish to avail of exclusive stage content will need to purchase the Silver Pass priced at Php250.00.

Customers who wish to join the exclusive Cosplay Mania JAM concert will need to purchase the Gold Pass priced at Php400.00.

Cosplay Mania tickets are exclusively sold by SM Tickets, at all SM Cinema branches nationwide and is also available online at

FAQ for tickets.

Cosplay Mania Evolution 2014
Date: October 4 and 5, 2014 
Venue: Function Halls 3-5, SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, MM Philippines
Official Site:
Official Facebook:



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