Since the start of her singing career in 2011, with her debut song, “Memoria“, which was the 1st ending theme song for the blockbuster anime series, ‘Fate/Zero’, Eir Aoi has brought us several anime theme songs and is now no stranger to the ani-song scene.

She has also bought us other anime theme songs such as, “Innocence“, “Niji no Oto“, and “Ignite“, for the anime series ‘Sword Art Online’. As well as the song, “Sirius“, for the anime series, ‘Kill la Kill’.

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Without further ado, let us move on to sharing the experience from Eir Aoi with media friends from SGCafeAFA ChannelJournal Otaku, OdoruStage and other media representives during our time in AFA ID.

Could you share with us your thoughts about the Aube tour 2014?

The Aube tour that I had this year, was to travel all over Japan, and make my performances easily accessible and getting closer to my fans.

Are they any other artiste in which you would like to have a collaboration with in the future?

It would be great if I could have a collaboration with the band from Do As Infinity. Especially with the vocalist Tomiko Van as I find her voice pleasant and natural.

In your own words, what are “fans”?

To me, my fans are my energy! They give me strength and replenishes my hit points (HP) and magic points (MP) whenever I am down or exhausted.


What are your thoughts about AFA ID 2014 so far?

I had a chance to walk around the exhibition ground just a while ago, and I am very delighted to see everyone being in high spirits. As I went pass the Sony booth, I noticed that one of my songs was being played. And I heard some people were trying hard to sing the song despite it wasn’t their language. Being able to see that really touches me.

What are your thoughts of Indonesia so far?

Indonesians here are very warm hearted, they greet me with a smile whenever we exchanged glances. And the food here is so delicious, that I ate too much in the afternoon yesterday, thinking that I may not be able to have dinner due to the tight schedules.

However, when it came to dinner time the food looked so good that I wasn’t able to resist myself from not having it.

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What kind of preparations do you usually do before going up on stage for a performance?

I usually do some stretching, but at times where I get too nervous, I will try to distract myself with some exercise instead. And right before I enter the stage, I will always gather everyone, and do a little cheer together to motivate ourselves.

Do you have any plans to have a solo concert in Indonesia someday?

Not at the moment, but hopefully sometime in the near future. This time I have brought along with me 3 of my band members. But I truly do hope that one day I could bring along everyone from my band to hold a concert over here in Indonesia!

Aoi-san, likes playing games right? If you were able to participate in Gun Gale Online, what kind of weapon will you use?

I love playing games! When it comes to shooting games, I have played both Call of Duty, and Biohazard. I will always choose to use the shotgun or alternatively the machine gun but I will never choose the sniper rifle.

Reason being that to fully utilize the capability of the sniper rifle, I need to memorize and be familiar with the stage map. And since I am bad at memories, I am not cut out to be a sniper.

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Is there a dream stage in which you hope to perform one day?

I would love to hold a solo concert in Nippon Budokan one day. I feel that Budokan, is a stage where most Japanese artist sees as a goal for their music career.

I had two chances to perform there previously, but I faced some problems during the first time, and unfortunately experienced some technical difficulties during the 2nd time. I am really hoping that my 3rd time there will be a much better experience.

That’s all we have for Eir Aoi, stay tune for more from !

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