From the “The Land of the Morning Calm” (Korea) to “The Land of the Rising Sun” (Japan) we had a rare interview with two renowned cosplayers Aza Miyuko from Korea and Kisaki Urumi from Japan.

Along with media friends from SGCafe and AFA Channel we bring to you this exclusive interview.

Since we have cosplayers from Korea and Japan, is there any chance of a collaboration so as to bring the cosplay scene from both countries closer?

Aza Miyuko: I am not sure how the two countries are collaborating. As much as I know, cosplay was originally from Japan. Since the two countries are getting closer, maybe in the future, I am looking forward to being involved in conventions and events, not just inside Japan or Korea but overseas as well. I hope I can participate with Japanese cosplayers in those conventions and events.

Did you have the chance to walk around and have a look at the AFA ID exhibition hall?

Aza Miyuko: I have just arrived and did not have the chance to look around. Maybe on Sunday, I can have more chances to take a look around. However, based on my previous experience, I think that the Indonesian cosplayers are quite good and of high quality.

Kisaki Urumi: I did not have the time to walk around yet.

You have visited Singapore before. What are your thoughts on the place?

Aza Miyuko: A lot of handsome men and pretty women! I cannot stop myself from staring at all the handsome and beautiful cosplayers.

How do you go about picking characters to cosplay?

Kisaki Urumi: First, you have to like the character. Secondly, you have to look like the character.

Aza Miyuko: The first factor to consider before cosplaying a character would be resemblance. If you like the character but you do not have any similarities or look like the character, you would end up not having fun.

Do you have any message for your fans?

Aza Miyuko: People tend to be obsessed about the character they are cosplaying, wanting to be good and the best. However, I think that you should not do that. Just enjoy what you are doing and start to get to know your character.

As time passes, your cosplaying quality will improve and you will understand more about the character as you continue. Don’t try too hard from the beginning and don’t try to be the character from the start. Just be natural and enjoy what you are doing.

Kisaki Urumi: I hope that more people will be enthusiastic about cosplay and that they can cosplay together. I hope to see more One Piece, Naruto cosplay.

 That’s all we have for Aza Miyuko and Kisaki Urumi, stay tune for more from !

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