Kisaki Urumi


Kisaki Urumi is probably one of the most sexiest cosplayers of the century. Talent and charm is the only thing to describe her ability. Well, other than that, her versatility in cosplaying different characters made her widely known and love for her special charm and talent.


Born and brought up in Japan, Kisaki is really passionate about cosplaying and also anime. In fact, she spends most of her free time cosplaying. She is fantastically good at portraying the characters she loves despite the gender.

Kisaki can cosplay male characters as well as she does for female ones too. One would definitely be amazed and salute her for the amount of efforts she puts in to her works. Kisaki doesn’t only puts in her effort in the costume of her character but rather, she takes care of everything like posing and cinematography to ensure the accuracy of her cosplay of the character.

A36Other than cosplaying, Kisaki also has other hobbies such as collecting figures, perfumes and also Swarovski.

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 Come and meet Kisaki at AFA ID 2014

Event : Anime Festival Indonesia 2014

Date : 15, 16, and 17 August 2014

Venue : Jakarta Convention Centre

Come down to AFAID where all the best of Asia Cosplayers come together!

Come and join the cosplay family and have a chance to meet up with them!

Special cosplayer guest attending the event are Angie , Aza Miyuko , Hana & Baozi , King , Kisaki Urumi , Mon , Pinky Lu Xun , Richfield , Ying Tze and Yuegene Fay

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