It was a rather cloudy Friday afternoon accompanied with a slight drizzle to add, it sure does sound like the perfect timing to be lazing at home if anyone had a choice. However, that sure did not stop the fans of flumpool from attending this rare opportunity to catch their favorite artiste, up close and personal on stage for an exclusive open press conference!



On the 1st of August, we from Ani-Culture were given the privilege to be part of this exclusive open press conference with the members of flumpool. Without further ado, let’s move on to the interview segment of the conference.

Ryuta Yamamura: Hello everyone!  We’re all happy because we were really excited to meet you all here in Singapore again!  We were really pleased to find out that our fans over here in Singapore, are such warm-hearted and passionate people. It certainly has been a pleasant surprise as this is not something that anyone would get to experience everyday! We are also really happy to be able to have the chance to hold a solo concert for all our fans in Singapore!


Is there anything we can expect for tomorrow’s performance?

Ryuta Yamamura: It’s a secret! Whether if there is anything special or not tomorrow, that’s for all of you to find out during our performance!

As the theme of the concert is “MOMENT”, can we have each of the band members share with us their most memorable moment since they debuted?

Ryuta Yamamura: Wow! That’s quite a difficult question! Let’s see, my most memorable moment, would most probably be the time we held our very first concert in Budokan. It’s really regrettable that we are unable to share our experience with all our fans here, but rest assured, that we will be doing our best to make tomorrow the most memorable experience for all of you attending it!!

Seiji Ogura: The most memorable moment for me since I debuted, was the time we held our first ever concert. And there’s also our Budokan concert, and not forgetting all our performances we have held here in Singapore as well. I hope to make more new moments and memories with everyone too!

Genki Amakawa: Hi everyone! My most memorable moment, was the time I received my very first paycheck! Since my bank account back then was really in the red, I was extremely overjoyed when I saw that my back account was no longer in an unhealthy state!



Is there any moment that you would like to forget like maybe an embarrassing experience?

Ryuta Yamamura: After the end of last year’s Budokan live, we were all pretty worn out and extremely exhausted from all the energy we expended during the concert. But because of such experiences, we are able to make it to where we’re standing today!

If you were to pick a song in which you have released, which song would you feel most attached to?

Seiji Ogura: If I have to choose just one, it would have to be the song “Akashi(証)”. There was one time, where this song was performed by a middle song choir, and we as part of the audience, were so mesmerize by their performance that we sang along with them. I felt that it has left me a really deep impression. 

Ryuta Yamamura: My favourite song is “Hana ni Nare” because I find that it’s one of the most meaningful song we have made together.

Genki Amakawa: My favourite song, is “Taisetsu na mono wa kimi ga ite ni naranakute”, as we shared some really fond memories together during the shooting of the PV.

Kazuki Sakai: The one that I’m most attached to is also Taisetsu na mono wa kimi ga ite ni naranakute”. As to why that is so, as some of our fans may know, in the initial PV for that song, I had no idea that I wouldn’t be having almost zero screentime at all. And that really took me by shock and has left a deep impression in me!

As you may be familiar, Singapore is well known for being a food haven. If there any particular food in which you are fond of?

Ryuta Yamamura: We love Chilli Crab! But what we love most about it, is those fried buns(揚げパン) that comes along with it. And we really enjoy eating it after dipping it into the sauce, to the point where we actually don’t really need the crab!

Last of all, is there anything which you would like to convey your fans?

Ryuta Yamamura: This may be our 4th time here in Singapore, but this would be our very first solo live here! So please look forward to having an unforgettable experience and most importantly, let’s have fun together!



flumpool LIVE MOMENT 2014Singapore

Date:2nd Aug 2014 (Sat) OPEN 6:30PM / START 7:00PM (Singapore time)

Venue:*SCAPE The Ground Theatre

Promoter: Amuse Entertainment Singapore

PRICES: Premium VIP      : $148.00
                     VIP                        : $118.00
                     General Admission  : $98.00

Grab your tickets now at


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