On the 2nd of august, the members of flumpool have held their very first solo performance at the*SCAPE The Ground Theater, Singapore. It was their 4th time here in Singapore and they certainly did leave us a deep impression that we wouldn’t soon forget !


The doors to the live ground would only open after 6.30pm, but although having said that, whether or not was it to lay their hands on the official goods and merchandises or was it to secure a closer spot from their idols,  it sure did not stop their fans from queuing up since the early morning !


After entering the theater, fans were treated with a series of flumpool’s PVs and soon after, the lights started to dim and went out. Appearing on stage with a big shout out “Singapore, we missed you !”, the band started their performances with the song, “MW ~Dear Mr. & Mrs. Picaresque~”, and next in line came “reboot ~あきらめない詩~”.




And when it was time to introduce the band members, guitarist Kasuki Sakai surprised the crowd as he sang a verse from Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’, proving that it wasn’t just their vocalist, Ryuta, that could sing ! And it definitely did not leave the audiences disappointed ! Oh, and have I mentioned? That the bassist Genki Amakawa, is such awesome during his solo introduction.


To further impress the crowd, the guys communicated with the crowd using a blend of english and mandarin. Ryuta shared a story of him specially arranging a song, so that they would be able to play it in mandarin. And so, that one special song, was ‘強く儚く’! Which left the fans excited and craving for more.


And when the performance came to an end, the band members thanked the crowd and returned backstage. And the crowd started to cheer for an encore performance. However, soon after, instead of chanting for encore, the fans unexpectedly started singing ‘大切なものは君以外に見当たらなくて’ which was filled with strong passion and emotions in hopes of their idols returning to stage!

The crowd then cheered at their loudest, when their wishes were fulfilled as flumpool ascended back on stage for their encore performance. This time, in their tour T-shirts and performed the song ‘証明’.


MW ~Dear Mr. & Mrs. Picaresque~
reboot ~あきらめない詩~
two of us
Belief  ~春を待つ君へ~
Let it Go (OST Frozen) – Kazuki vers.
強く儚く(Chinese ver.)
Because… I am
OAOA (start with Japanese ver and ends with Chinese ver)


証明 (証Chinese ver.)


At the end of their encore performance, Ryuta gave one final speech, thanking everyone for being here, present in this one special time and location. In additions, he also mentions that they would want their music to be spread across all around the world, and lastly, asked everyone to bring their friends, family, and people they love to their next concert in Singapore!

Even after exiting concert, a huge amount of fans could be seen waiting at the backstage doors, thanking and waving to the band as they went passed. It was certainly a night to remember for both flumpool and their fans. And we are all certainly looking forward to their next visit to Singapore!

Photo Credit: Rock Records / Marcus Lin

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