Under the dogOn 8th August, IP company Creative Intelligence Arts Inc is launching a anime Kickstarter boasting star directors and producers like Masahiro Ando, Yusuke Kozaki,Hiroaki Yura, Jiro Isshi. The staff boast some high quality works in their belt like the Ghost in Shell series, Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, Canaan. Neon Genesis Evangelion and more.

Personally, I will be backing the project (either just downloads or the Blu-Rays for the feature). It seems a bit expensive compared to regular Japanese animation(BD for 2 episodes around 24mins) but I’m hoping they will reach their stretch goals which admittedly seems a bit hard. I will be rooting for them!

Support their Kickstarter!

Trailer/Behind the Scenes of the project below:

Official Website: http://www.under-the-dog.com/

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