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Aza Miyuki or also known as Kang Yoo Jin from South Korea is one of the most popular cosplayer in Asia. She is currently ranked the 8th most popular cosplayer on an online website called World Cosplay

Aza had always liked Japanese anime  and manga [ comic books ] even before cosplaying. The reason she started cosplaying was because the characters in the anime had always attracted her a lot. She wondered how it would be like to be wearing the same clothing as the characters and thus, started cosplaying.

Her first cosplay was Ichimaru Gin from the anime series , Bleach. For Aza, It was really hard posing for photos and shoot in the beginning when she first started cosplaying. Now, it is much easier to do as she is used to posing in front of the crowd and camera. She looks professional and naturally stunning.

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Throughout her cosplay journey of 8 years, Aza learned a lot about photoshooting , costume making and the most important of all , making friends. Aza was a former SP Cats member but due to her own reasons, she left and became an independent cosplayer herself. Aza is famous in the cosplay community for her detailed costume and accuracy of portraying the character. Like every other cosplayers, Aza loves to portray the characters she likes in their best outfits.

Once she choose the character based on her preference and the costumes as well, she will immediately start working on it. When everything is ready, Aza will book a studio to do a shoot on the cosplay. Such dedication for a hobby shows how much Aza really loves cosplaying and perfection. Aza makes her costumes by herself. Her studies in fashion from highschool all the way to university and even now has come in handy.

“Don’t think about the popularity. Just feel it and enjoy the hobby.” -Aza

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For Aza, cosplaying is just a hobby and not some platform to gain popularity and that is her advise for all the other cosplayers out there as well. All she really likes is to make costumes for her characters and in the near future, she would like to persue in fashion and costume designing. Come down to AFA ID 2014 and get a chance to meet this amazing girl.

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Catch Miyuko at AFA ID 2014!

Event : Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2014

Date : 15, 16, and 17 August 2014

Venue : Jakarta Convention Centre

Come down to AFAID where all the best of Asia Cosplayers come together!

Come and join the cosplay family and have a chance to meet them !

Special cosplayer guest attending the event are Angie , Aza Miyuko , Hana & Baozi , King , Kisaki Urumi , Mon , Pinky Lu Xun , Richfield , Ying Tze and Yuegene Fay

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