“AniSong amazing line up is out !!! Get your glow sticks and Get ready to be Electrified! “

Saturday 16.08.214 
DJ Kazu
Eir Aoi
Hachioji P

Sunday 17.08.214 
DJ Kazu
 Luna Haruna
T.M Revolution 


Deng! Deng! Deng ! Japanaese pop duo consisting of a songwriter Ryo [Supercell ] and the amazing vocalist , Chelly will be making their debut appearance this year in AFA ID 2014 AniSong Concert ! EGOIST perform for the anime seriesGuilty Crown” with the heroine of the story Inori Yuzuriha as the vocalist.

Even after the anime came to an end, EGOIST continues to performed actively and thus, gaining recognition for their amazing works. EGOIST producer , Ryo from Supercell is a well known man in the Vocaloid world. More than 2000 people auditioned to be the Vocalist for EGOIST and, the songstress Chelly was chosen from the audition.

Over 2000 people ! And CHELLY was THE CHOSEN ONE !

And their visuals were created by the all time famous illustrator , Redjuice. In September 2012, EGOIST released their 1st album, “Extra terrestrial Biological Entities“, which became an hit. It was their first released and they top the charts. Their album topped Amazon China’s music rankings for 3 weeks in a row.“Extra terrestrial Biological Entities” also reached the top on the monthly rankings of The album also received a gold certificate in China!

WOW! WOW! WOW! Now that is what we call a SUCCESS !!!

In the same month, ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA 2013 was held in Singapore and EGOIST performed the concert using the latest cutting-edge 3DCG technology. The character projected on screen is controlled by the artiste’s body movements using the real-time CG composition system called “LiveAR”, a motion capture system “MVN” among others. This is the world’s FIRST ever virtual live concert which came out as a huge success and created a huge impact to all the attendees. And this time, they are coming to rock you off your feet in AFA ID 2014 AniSong concert.

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Now, who doesn’t know the all time famous Eir Aoi? Well if you didn’t , Eir Aoi was born on the 30th of November and she is from Hokkaido, Japan. Eir Aoi is a very determined lady. In October 2011, she released her major debut single “MEMORIA” (Ending theme song of TV anime series “Fate/Zero”), and just on it’s first appearance, it reached 8th place on Oricon Weekly single hit chart .

This is so cool ! It was on the 8th place with just one appearance! How epic is that ?

Well there is more to come for Eir Aoi will never just stop there! After just a year, she released her second single “AURORA” (Opening theme song of TV anime series “Mobile Suit Gundam AGE -Three Generation Arc”) AND , in November her third single “INNOCENCE” (Opening theme song of TV anime series “Sword Art Online -Fairy Dance Arc-”) was released and it reached the 6th spot in the Oricon weekly single hit chart  also on its first appearance, breaking her pass record on the Oricon chart .

Her long-awaited full album “BLAU” was released on January 30th, 2013, and it reached the 4th spot in Oricon weekly album hit chart in its first appearance. This young lady is more than amazing. and she never fails to amaze.

100% we are sure all of you can’t wait as well because she is just too AWESOME to miss. so DO NOT MISS HER OUT!

Eir Aoi is also greatly supported in foreign countries and it is an honour for AFA ID 2014 to have her again this year.  Her album “BLAU” was released and digital-distributed over 20 countries. She also appeared in big overseas anime festival such as “SAKURA-CON” held in Seattle, USA, “AnimagiC 2013” held in Bonn, Germany, and “Anime Festival Asia” held both in Indonesia, and in Singapore.

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GARNiDELiA is a Japanese music unit consisting of a strong and talented female vocalist,  MARiA,  and Toku, a music composer. Toku is an incredible music composer/sound producer who wrote and arranged various hit songs for big names in the music industry like,  Angela Aki, LiSA, An Café and others. MARiA,on the other hand,is a internet born singer who performs with several musicians such as Jin (vocaloid producer), as a guest vocalist.MARiA and Toku met each other in 2010 and formed GARNiDELiA.

Their collaborative song “COLOR”  before forming GARNiDELiA was chosen to be the theme song for the famous anime “Freezing”. Other than that, as the duo rose to fame, their new single “ambiguous” was also chosen as  the opening song of the popular anime “Kill la Kill”.

 The origin of GARNiDELiA

The name GARNiDELiA is an anagram of Le Palais Garnier de Maria, which means “Maria’s Opera House, her place to sing” and Cordelia, which is the name of the asteroid discovered in toku’s birth year. Such a beautiful meaning behind it. I really find this duo fascinating and entertaining to the soul.

Composer/Keyboard: toku

Toku was born on the 5th of March and became highly interested in Italian classical music, and began studying vocal music during his junior high days. He then changed his focus to music arrangement in 2001. He worked on songs such as LiSA’s “oath sign”, “crossing field”, “LOVER”S”MiLE”, and the song from the anime, “Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai. (Anohana)” called “secret base – Kimi Ga Kureta Mono – (10 years after Ver.)”.

Toku has a special talent and works in many different kinds of genre. His signature song “SPiCa” which reached more than 1 million views on the internet, and the total views of all his songs exceeds 10 million views

Vocal: MARiA

Maria was born on 31st  January and began singing and dancing at a young age. MARiA started performing since she was 13. The videos MARiA uploaded on the internet exceeds 2 million views. Her professional skill as a singer cultivates her reputation. Besides, she can also dance very well. Her first video as a dancer entitled  “Girls” reached over 700.000 views.

Contrary to her cool voice, she has a very energetic and cheerful character. Her appearance makes her look like a European but she is actually purely a Japanese from the Ibaraki prefecture. MARiA performed with a 6-member Jazz vocal group called Chix Chicks, but they disbanded in 2010.

By the age of 21, she has already 11 years of experience as a performer. As a solo artist, she has performed in the concerts for the famous vocaloid producer, Jin at Yokohama Blitz and Zepp DiverCity Tokyo for two consecutive times.MARiA currently has around 40,000 followers on Twitter.

Do not miss out their first ever performance happening at AFA ID 2014 soon!


The ‘Prince of Vocaloid music’, Hachioji P, or also widely known as (八王子P),is an international music producer , remixer and DJ for VOCALOID who widely uses Hatsune Miku . He is well known for his works, ‘Sweet Devil’ and Electric Love’ . His unique and distinctive style in producing dance music based on electric sounds and high quality video has instantly pushed Hachioji P into Vocaloid World’s Hall of Fame. 

Hachioji P’s first major album entitled ‘Electric love’ debuted on the Oricon charts at 11th place in 2012. Over the years, his works gain him more popularity as most of it had been featured on  shows such as NHK’s Weekly News, Good Morning Japan and Mr Sunday.His name and success also spanned across  Taiwan where his first release of single ‘Sweet Devil’ ranked 4th on the K-POP/J-POP Charts. Following this success, his release of ‘Electric Love’ ranked 3rd on the K-POP/J-POP charts and 8th on the overall charts.

As a DJ, Hachioji was featured at various concerts and conventions like ,Rock in Japan Festival 2012/2013 and Countdown Japan 2012/2013. As for overseas, he  played at Italy’s Lucca Comics and Games and Singapore’s Anime Festival Asia as well. Recently he just  performed at Hawaii’s Kawaii kon and Mexico’s Expo TNT, Australia’s Vocaloid Night and also Korea’s Animix.

Catch Hachioji P  (八王子P),on I Love Anisong concert this coming August only at AFA ID 2014!

Official Twitter:

5. DJ Kazu


DJ Kazu, who”Wow” the audiences back in AFA ID 2013 is back  for more this time with more of his amazing songs which will make you go jumping off your feet is back again for AFAID AniSong concert. And this time, he will be performing on both days of the concert. Come and dance along with DJ Kazu in AFAID Anisong concert

“DJ Kazu” has been getting lots of  attention in the world of anime music. October 2, 2014, his  third Anisong Non-Stop Mix CD “J-Anisong Kamikyoku Matsuri~Paradise~” was released. His previous CD “J-Anison Kamikyoku Matsuri “was also a huge hit surpassing over 80,000 CDs sold. The series has already surpassed an impressive 200,000 CDs sold.

DJ Kazu is a regular DJ at the NHK “Music Japan” recording event “DJ@NHK Hall” and at “Tokyo Saisoku J-POP NIGHT ~Japanese Style~.” He has been invited to many other animation festival and events including animation festivals in Europe and Asia.

His extraordinarily outstanding mixing technique on music and cutting-edge track selections makes everyone excited and feel like dancing. His previously released MIX CDS has sold over more than 750,000 copies.

A43 ” The definition of KAWAII “

This cute and amazing singer, Luna Haruna came to the world on 11th October 1991. Luna’s originality in her voice and special talent attracted a great deal of attention after releasing her original song “Binetsu no Tsuki” on the magazine , ” Liz Ani”.

On May 2012, she made her major debut with the song “Soraha Takaku Kazeha Utau” (Ending theme song for the second season of animation “Fate/Zero”), written and composed by Yuki Kajiura. and on the same year in November, Luna released her second single “Overfly” (Ending theme song for “Sword Art Online”).

There’s more to this cute girl’s success! Luna also released a new song entitled Kimiga Ku reta Sekai , her own single “Aiwoutae” and her first album “Oversky” on 2013. Her latest single, “snowdrop” was featured as the ending theme song for “Koimonogatari”.

And this year, she will be making her appearance in AniSong concert for the first time ever.

Don’t miss the chance to watch her live! She is just too cute to resist ! 


T.M Revolution! Now, doesn’t that ring a bell? Yep! That’s right, one of the top all time favourite male artist.

Takanori Nishikawa has certainly made a name for himself since 1991 when he debuted as “T.M. Revolution” with the single “Dokusai –monopolize-”. His catchy music and overwhelming stage presence has attracted anyone who watches his performances. T.M.R has released many amazing hits song like“HEART OF SWORD”, “HIGH PRESSURE”, “WHITE BREATH”, and the list goes on and on.

T.M.Revolution was appointed as the first sightseeing ambassador of his birthplace, the Shiga Prefecture. There, he organizes a large scaled rock festival called “INAZUMA ROCK FES” every year, with the assistance of local governmental bodies.WOW! With all the responsibilities, Takanori Nishikawa [ T.M Revo] still work hard for his music career. Seriously a man to look up to. That’s not all of it! Other than being a singer, he is also a voice actor and participates in various TV shows.

His collaboration with Nana Mizuki last year created a huge impact to the nation and a great response was received as the “history’s grandest, revolutionary” release of “Preserved Roses” on 15 May as well as “Kakumei Dualism” on 23 October. The duo both shared the 55Th Japan Record Awards.

Don’t miss T.M Revolution performances in AniSong concert at AFAID. It is more than electrifying!

Official Twitter:

Here’s the Artist Lineup and Schedule for your reference ! Keep it close to you so you WILL NOT MISS ANY ONE OF THEM.


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