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Just do it! And you will meet another new world! New friends! And freedom! ” says Fay to all the Cosplayers out there  

Yuegene Fay started cosplaying in 2000 and her first appearance was as Toshiya from Dir en Grey, a Japanese Visual Kei Rock Band.


Yuegene Fay as Toshiya

Yuegene started cosplaying when her friend who was also into visual kei send her a cosplay photo and invited her to join. Her friend assure her that it would definitely be enjoyable but to Yuegene, it was purely madness. She used to think that people who cosplays were out of their mind, insane to be exact. Yuegene used to be a total old fashion bookworm who studies all day and of course, cosplay to her was nothing but insane. However, cosplay was like magic. It was a strong force drawing her closer and yearning to be known. Yuegene somehow find cosplay fascinating and attracting. Something deep within her wanted to know more and she began to gather as much information as she needs. She didn’t began as a super heroine ,but as a complete zero instead. Before she started cosplaying, she was a total old fashion bookworm who knows nothing about makeup and dressing up at all. But now, look at her ! She’s one of the most stunning cosplayers in the world.

Yuegene was always cosplaying Toshiya in her earlier days as she was very attracted to the music that Toshiya’s band Dir En Grey sings. But after a while, Yuegene learned to be more sociable and became acquainted with more people who shares the same passion as her , – cosplay. They started discussing about comic books, video games , fiction and other stuff. After that, Yuegene started to venture and try out other characters according to her preference. She loves to cosplay the characters she likes but she also remembers to draw a line if the character is extremely unsuitable for her. Yuegene is one who strives to do the best in whatever she does. She works hard to portray the character as well as possible in all Yuegene is a perfectionist.

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Behind the veil of all this perfect portrayals and success, Yuegene, like everyone else isn’t an exception for hardship and difficulty in life. She just chose to be a positive person after learning from several harsh experiences. Cosplay was indeed something that made Yuegene happy but there was once when she was really dissapointed as well. One day in the year 2007, Yuegene was breaking down and crying in front of her friends and fans who came to give her support for an upcoming competition. It wasn’t because of those who supported her but her partner. Both of them were selected as national representative for their country , Thailand. Yuegene at first wasn’t keen on participating but after she made up her mind, she gave it her all as she always do.

As Thai representative, she could feel the pressure and there were a lot of problems during the stage performances as well. All of this did not brought down Yuegene as much as how her partner’s ill collaboration did. On the departure day, some words her partner told her through the phone just made her stood still and cry. She couldn’t stop herself and many was shocked as no one has ever saw her cry before. Even so, there were many there comforting her and encouraging her. From that on, no matter what happens, Yuegene had always tell herself to put up with the circumstances and do her best.

“It can’t be that bad, and I’ll eventually get through , although not as well as I hoped but I’ll eventually get through”

Even after more than 10 years of cosplaying, Yuegene Fay doesn’t think that the end is coming near. She will keep cosplaying and try even harder and harder. She would also like to try something different. After many years of experience as a cosplayer and also Thailand’s representative for World Cosplay Summit in the year 2007 and 2009. , Yuegene had became a renowned for her ability to portray male characters from popular anime series. Her ability to cross as well as cosplay had attracted much praise and attention.

Now, as a full fledged well known cosplayer for years and years to come, Yuegene will be attending AFAID2014 ! Come and meet her in person !  I am sure it will be more exciting than just listening to stories.

Official Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/YuegeneOffcial
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/YUEGENE_FAY
Official Weibo: http://www.weibo.com/yuegene
Official Blog : http://mpdyuegene.blog124.fc2.com
WorldCosplay: http://worldcosplay.net/member/yuegene

yuegene haku chan

Yuegene Fay as Hakuryuu from Magi : The Labyrinth of Magic

Event : Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2014

Date : 15, 16, and 17 August 2014

Venue : Jakarta Convention Centre

Come down to AFAID where all the best of Asia Cosplayers come together!

Come and join the cosplay family and have a chance to meet them !

Special cosplayer guest attending the event are Angie , Aza Miyuko , Hana & Baozi , King , Kisaki Urumi , Mon , Pinky Lu Xun , Richfield , Ying Tze and Yuegene Fay

Yuegene Fay awaits you at AFA ID 2014! 

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