On the 21st this month, Team Ani-Culture was invited to the SM Cinema exclusive advance screening of Black Butler at SM Megamall’s Director’s Club Cinema.


This was our first time to attend a advance screening of a movie. We got inside the theater with a sitting capacity of about 20 people. The seats in that theater are those unlike the ordinary ones. They are reclining leather seats with cup holders and has a small table on one side in which in one press of a button, a butler will take your order. This movie is the most unforgettable movie for me. I would personally thank you SM Vime for this experience.

That aside lets go back to the movie. The live action film Black Butler, which is loosely based on the manga of the same name. It has a same plot as the anime and manga which it is based on on solving the mystery. There is a lot of action scenes in this film such as gun fights and sword fights! One on one is occasion but who do you think will win? The sword or the butter knife?

This film too has its funny parts, so it’s not all that serious. In my opinion, I like the scene of the butler and the maid. Which another scene that is my favorite is the kissing scene in the movie. This movie did not include some of the characters you see from the anime? Which some of them are the Cook, the Gardener and the Little Blonde Girl.

As for the score that I will give to this movie, I give it at 7 out of 10. Which this movie is actually a good watch


Here are some photos of the lucky few who was able to watch it with us


The film was rated PG-13 by filf board of the Philippines


Here is a photo of the advance screening ticket that we got


Outside tge Director’s Club Cinema


Black Butler live action movie hits July 23, 2014 on all SM Cinema nationwide and is a SM Cinema exclusive.

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