Do you love Kuroshitsuji ?

Do you love Sebastian and Ciel ?

Do you want to continue living in your beautiful fantasy with a perfect butler beside you and a tinge of fun?

If yes, then Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus is perfect for you !!! The story is set in the late nineteenth century in England where the Noah’s Ark Circus enlivens the dull city life of London with their grandeur and spectacular performances.

However, behind all this lovely splendor, children are mysteriously disappearing from the town in a manner of correlating the troupe’s movement.

The Queen was worried and so , sends her notorious watchdog, Ciel , on an investigation missing to retrieve all the missing children.Ciel and Sebastian [ Most Charming Demon Butler ] entered and disguised as the circus team members to study the true ulterior motive of the circus !

Doesn’t it sounds exciting?

Well, this is only the beginning who knows what twist of plot awaits us in the story. Watch it to find out more !

Created by Yana Toboso and produced by A-1 Pictures Inc, this anime had already been aired and is currently on the second episode!

The third episode will be aired by this week !

Make sure to watch it and don’t miss out all the fantasy and fun!

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