Heaven’s Feel Route for Fate/Stay Night

On Sunday, TYPE-MOON has announce that Unlimited Blade Works will be route adapted (again?) for the upcoming TV anime this fall. The episodes are set to premiere and will be screened on Nico Nico Douga as well an hour after TV broadcast.

Mark your calendars guys the date of airing is 7th October 2014. Opening will be sung by Mashiro Ayano(綾野ましろ) and ending theme by Kalafina so we will be in for a treat.

Also as the final announcement of the Type-moon live event, Heaven’s Feel is getting a movie adaptation! So excited for it! Noriko Shitaya cried after the announcement was made as this is really quite big for her as Matou Sakura finally takes the front stage in the anime.

There are a few more projects in the works as well for example, Dengeki Bunko and Type-Moon will be serializing Fate/strange fake as a novel and also a manga.

On the mobile front, Fate/Stay Night(Realta Nua) for Fate(Saber’s) route will be available on Android, iOS, for free in commemoration of the TV anime! There will be a PC release as well.

Also there will be a online game titled Fate/Grand Order also for Android and iOS. Not much info but many excellent illustrators will be doing illustrations for the game.

Source: Niconico, TYPE-MOON

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