Originated from Nara prefecture in 2010, THE ORAL CIGARETTES have gain popularity in Kansai Region with their highly energized live performances in Japan. The band gained national popularity when they emerged as grand champion of A-SKETCH/MASH A&R Audition in 2012 and officially debut in 2013 Summer with a Japan national wide CD release.

They were also among one of the 3 artiste that were performing at Japan Night, MUSIC MATTER 2014! Literally just hours before they would begin rocking the stage with their high energy performance, we had the opportunity to conduct a quick one to one interview session with them!

Without further ado, we, the team of Ani-culture, presents to you, THE ORAL CIGARETTES!

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We noticed that you have a very unique stage name. Could you share with us how did you come up with such as interesting band name? And is there an interesting story behind it?

Yamanaka-san: It’s was all about white cigarettes. We wanted to make our music, to be one that would be easy to listen and accept. As if, it was as easy as taking a smoke.

We chose this name, because it sounded really cool and had a really pleasant ring to it. Using “white cigarettes” as the base, we approached our seniors for advice. He then told us, that it does not have to be anything complicated, it can be catchy and yet be easy to remember if the name is kept simple. In the end, the main concept behind the band name “THE ORAL CIGARETTES” is to be accepted easily and effortless, as if, smoking a cigarette.

What was your inspiration in starting up a band?

Yamanaka-sanI started this band because I have always loved and admired music ever since my childhood days. So,after putting in some thought, I wanted to start a band and achieving something with it. And so I gathered a few of my friends and together, we started “THE ORAL CIGARETTES”.

Murakami-san: Initially, I didn’t have much of a plan or goal for what I wanted to achieve in my life. Thus, when I was presented the offer to join the band, I agreed to join without any form of hesitation. But now, I am aware of what my goal is! And that is to, be able to spread our music to as many listeners as we can out there as far as possible!

Nakanishi-san: I joined in slightly later than the rest, after the group had already mostly been formed!


Is there any artist whom you look up to and respect? Like say a role-model to your music inspiration?

Yamanaka-san: We all love the “Red Hot Chili Peppers”!

Nakanishi-san: I too, like the Red Hot Chili Peppers. However, as a fellow drummer, I really admire the drummer of the band, LUNA SEA, Shinya-san, as well as the drummer of the band, Mr.Children, Suzuki-san!

You have an upcoming single that will be released in July, called “起死回生story”. Can you share with us more about this song?

Yamanaka-san: Our previous release was during August last year, and since then, we have been learning a lot, picking up new sets of skills, gaining new experiences, all in all, a lot has happened during this period of time. And after bring away for so long, we wanted to release all that energy and power that we have been storing all this time into this new song. Thus, we name the song “起死回生story”, to represent our rebirth!


Lastly, what are your goals in which you would like to achieve as a group? Like performing a one man live in Budokan perhaps?

Yamanaka-san: It would be a really wonderful milestone if we could ever perform in Tokyo Budokan. However, that would not be our final goal we seek. It would be truly spectacular, if we could one day travel the world, to perform a world tour someday!

That’s all we have for THE ORAL CIGARETTES , stay tune for more from Ani-Culture.net !

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