Naoto Nakamura better known by his stage name Naoto Inti Raymi (ナオト・インティライミ ), is a Japanese singer-songwriter. He initially debuted with Sony in 2001 under the stage name Naoto (なおと?), however rose to fame in 2010.

He will also be among one of the 3 artiste that will be performing at Japan Night, MUSIC MATTER 2014! Just a few hours before he would take the stage and dazzle the audience with his performance, we had the opportunity to conduct a quick one to one interview session with him!

Without further ado, we, the team of Ani-culture, presents to you, Naoto Inti Raymi!

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Naoto Inti Raymi

First of all, a very warm welcome to Singapore, how is your impression of Singapore so far?

I like the fresh air in Singapore, the kind people that you find in every corner of Singapore. Also, the fabulous food that everywhere, like chicken rice, the different types of noodles dishes. All in all, I really came to love Singapore! I’m taken a great interest in the different cultures which resides in Singapore.

You have traveled to many parts of the World, which country has left the deepest impression during your travel so far?

Rather than an impression, the country which left me changed my impressions the most, was Arabic, Middle East. Initially, when Arabic came to mind, the image that came to my mind was that it is in a really bad state and the people there are having a hard time daily, it was certainly a very negative image I had. So after I made a trip to the Middle East, Turkey, Pakistan, Israel, and Egypt, what I experienced there, had totally changed my mindset of them. The people there were really kind, and it also felt really safe, like I wasn’t exposed to any form of danger at all. After then, I thought that I shouldn’t stereotype and jump to conclusions about anyone.

Your upcoming single, contains the song, “The World is Ours” that is chosen as the World Cup Anthem song in Japan for the FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™. Could you tell us more about the song?

Firstly about this song, there are multiple versions of this song, and the one that I’m singing is the Japanese version of the World Cup national anthem. Different countries participating in the World cup will have an artiste producing a cover for this song. I am extremely honored to be the representative of Japan.

I understand that you were also a soccer player yourself during your high school days, is there any soccer player that you currently respect?

I respect the players from the Japan’s national football team, they all play really well and train intensively hard. Some of these players that I really respect are, Kagawa and Honda, as they have played in Italy and England as well, playing against international teams such as Manchester United and A.C Milan. And I have high expectations for them from this upcoming World cup to bring back many victories and trophies as well!

Among the songs in which you have released so far, which is the one song that you will recommend to your new listeners out there? And why?

For the Singaporeans, I have taken much notice that the people here enjoys having fun. So, to suite their preferences, I would say that the song entitled “Carnival?” would be ideal for them! It is a song that allows people to freely move around, dance about and have lots of fun together! Its available on YouTube and I’ll also be performing this song this evening!

 Here is a short message from Naoto Inti Raymi to our fans of Ani-Culture

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