The hip-hop duo CREAM is here in Singapore last week for their first performance outside of Japan.

CREAM is a Japanese hip hop group consisting of singer-songwriter Minami and rapper/track-maker Staxx T.

Ani-Culture caught up with the duo just hours before their performance here, and we had a few moments with the pair for a quick one to one interview as to their impressions of Singapore and what they’re looking forward to during their performance!

Without further ado, we bring you…CREAM!!!

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Tonight will be your first ever overseas performance as CREAM, how do you feel about performing here in Singapore? 

Minami: We have been really looking forward to performing outside of Japan for over the past 6 years since we started. And it has been a real pleasure, being able to perform outside of Japan and on top of that,mover here in Singapore, where there’s plenty of night life every day.

To our understanding, your stage name CREAM means creative and team. Could you share with us how was CREAM formed?

Minami: We were initially in a different group six years ago. Back then, there was another guy in the group, and we worked together for 3 years. During that time we got the opportunity to work with many artiste like FLOW. I had also written songs for BoA, some for V6 from Johnny’s,Teriyaki Boys, and Amuro Namie. And after 3 years has passed, one of the members decided to go solo, so he left the group, and just the 2 of us were left behind.

Then, we decided that we had still wanted to work together, and so we decided to form a new group. And because we take our creativity really seriously, we decided to name our group, CREAM which begun in 2011. Though CREAM has only started not too long ago, STAXX and I have been really together for a very long period of time.

You have recently released an album last April by the name of, ‘#nofilter’. Could you tell us more about this new release, and which song do you feel most connected with within this album?

Minami: The concept of our latest album, ‘#nofilter’, is about being honest with yourself, embracing it, and not be affected by how other people view and think about you. It actually took us a really long time to produce this album. We were originally supposed to release it in November 2013, but because we wanted the 2nd album to be much better than the first.

A lot of people thought of us as an EDM group, but in actual fact we’re not, as our roots originated from hip-hop and pop music. Because of that, we had a really hard time thinking about what we wanted to do with this next album. We eventually figured out that what we wanted was to be free, do whatever we wanted to do, say whatever we wanted to say, and wear whatever we wanted to wear. Nobody can tell us what we cannot do.

Our new album contains a mixture of hip hop music, RMB, EDM and Track music. And the one song that I feel most connected with, has got to be ‘Nobody’.

We are aware that you have written songs for hit artistes such as BoA and Namie Amuro.  I would like to ask if there is any artist whom you look up to and respect as your music inspiration?

Minami: In japan, I would have to say that Utada Hikaru is definitely an artiste that I love.

Staxx T: It has definitely be DragonAsh!

Minami: So it’s basically it was these artistes who were big 10 years ago that changed our life.

As music composers, you work with different forms of music, for example pop and EDM. Is there any form of music in which you would like to try out that you have not done so yet?  

Minami: We could go for Reggae and also Country maybe? I have been listening to reggae music since my 6th grade or so and I was really in Bob Marley and the Wailers. If the chance arises, I would definitely like to integrate that into our music someday. And country music because, everything that you usually hear on the radio is mostly country right!

 Here is a short message from CREAM to our Ani-Culture Fans

That’s all we have for CREAM, stay tune for more from !

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