It was just several hours before TAB Singapore would be filled with people cheering  and screaming their voices for the appearance of the AniSong Diva, May’n!!

But turning back the clock, before the amazing performance, team, along with the medias from MacrossWorld and, managed to catch a few moments for a group interview with the wonderful Diva herself!

She will be performing not only in all 47 prefectures of Japan, but also overseas countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, and the United States!

Without further delay, let’s proceed with the interview segment of this post!

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Will there be any plans for an Europe tour? If so, any idea on where would it be held?

I was able to visit Europe during my last world tour. However as of now, it has not been announced yet if I will be visiting other countries during this tour. Of course, other than the countries that have already been announced, I believe that it would be really wonderful if I could perform in other countries as well.

You have just performed in Indonesia recently, how was the experience and did it differ from performing during AFA ID?

I’ve been to Indonesia previously, for my first solo live. Just like when I perform in Japan, many of the audiences are familiar with my new songs that have just been recently released, like those in my latest album. It left a deep impression on me and made me very happy.

Did you have someone who served as your music inspiration?

I really admire the singer Namie Amuro, she has served as my music inspiration and from there I wanted to become a professional singer as well.

May'n Nenodorid

Among all the goods which is available during your tour, there is an interesting item among them. Your very own Nendoroid figure! Could you share with us your impression of this amazing merchandise?

First of all, I personally really like nendoroids, so much to the point where I would pay attention to even the slightest detail. I would really want it to show off my details, like for example, this golden part at the side of my hair, and so I requested to have it added as part of the nendoroid.

As the the accessories, it consists of food and objects that I like, for example Taiyaki. As for the outfit that the nendoroid is wearing, it was designed and manufactured exclusively for the nendoroid. So whenever the name, May’n comes to mind, I want the people to picture that this is the image of the star, May’n. Like the black outfit, the fringe and also the short pants I always wear.


We have heard from your fans in China that you now are able to speak very fluent mandarin. Could you share with us what made you decide to pick up mandarin?

About that, I am also studying English at the moment, and as you mentioned, mandarin as well, being taught by my fans on Weibo. I realized that even without using any words, everyone can be united together as one, and that is how I feel every time during my performances.

Also, I noticed that everyone is studying really hard to learn Japanese, and I am extremely delighted whenever someone calls out to me in Japanese. And because I love everyone, I felt that I wanted to learn what others are using. So I decided to first learn English and Chinese as a start.

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When you first started out your singing career 10 years ago, were you expecting yourself to be as popular as you are today?

Nope, not at all! I found myself becoming part of Macross Frontier 6 years ago. And within these 10 years of my career, it was really the last 6 years that was the turning point of my career.

Mayn - NEW WORLDIn your new album “New World”, was there any particular track that had a special meaning to you?

Hmm.. This is really difficult. If I were to choose just one among them all, this is always how I feel during my live and I want everyone to enjoy themselves differently, like to have while dancing and singing. And the song which allows everyone to have fun together, is the song “Moonwalker“!

In the song “Kyo ni Koiiro” there’s a phase that goes “dakishimeta negaigoto kimi ni mitsukaranai you ni watashi no koe ni tokasu kami-sama ni sasayaita” if given the chance to speak to God what would you ask or wish for ?

(In English)
The wish I had embraced 
To keep you from finding it 
I will melt it into my voice,
I whispered it to the gods.

I would want god to deliver these feelings  to the person that I like. And tell me what should I do to let this one person notice me. It was something that I had once experienced during my middle school life. And coincidentally, this song, is about a middle school student who would want to deliver her feelings to the person she likes, in the anime “Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.” And I felt that it was a very realistic and familiar experience to me as well.

You have visited Singapore very frequently by now and we would like to ask about what do you like and enjoy about Singapore?

Firstly,  I love the food in Singapore! And I really like the atmosphere of the city here. I have visited Singapore on multiple occasions, to the point where it already feels like its a second home to me. And I feel really safe and am always at ease during my stay here. And I really like prata! Especially banana prata because I am really fond of sweet stuff!

Could you tell us more your new song,Re: REMEMBER【リ・リメンバー】which is the opening theme song of the anime, “M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane”. And also, how does it feel to be working with Kawamori Shoji-san again?

I started gaining more fame after taking the singing role of Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier, so that was truly the turning point of my career. And so I am really honored and delighted to be able to work with him once again. The story of series not only revolved around the main characters and protagonist, but also the antagonist as well. I wanted to sing a song that includes the enemy’s feeling and emotions as well, and that is the type of opening theme song I wanted to sing and express for the anime series.


If you were to star in an anime series, which series would you like to be part of and which character would you like to be as?

Hmm…that’s a really difficult question. I am currently reading this manga by the name of “One Punch Man (Wanpanman)”, it is currently an extremely popular manga series in Japan. It hasn’t been announced if there will be an anime for it yet, and there are truly no such announcements for it for now, but if there is such a chance, I would be really happy if I could be connected or be part of such an series.

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Lastly, do you have any message for your Singaporean fans?

This will be my 9th time performing in Singapore, and also I haven done a solo concert in Singapore for quite some time. And I feel really safe here, and I really love this country. I was hoping I can relax and perform to my fullest for my coming performance. And I will do my best to return back to Singapore again.

That’s all we have for May’n, stay tune for more from !


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