Hunter? Shadow? And the Epic battle between On and Nen? What can all this mean?

Yes fans of Hunter x Hunter, this one’s for you! This is the latest movie from the Hunter x Hunter Franchise. Titled Hunter x Hunter :The Last Mission, this story will introduce more about the Shadows and On, which this movie also introduced few new characters that will be involved in this movie.

 The movie begins at a scene where Issac Netero  was fighting with his old comrade, Jed, which is originally the leader of the Hunter Association’s Shadow organization. This was caused by the Shadow organization which begin to make use of the power “On” Which is the other side of the coin of “nen” as it derives its power from the user’s hatred. Thus the epic battle of two powers fight, which Netero had to seal off Jed as he used his ability, “The Grudge of One-Hundred Demons: Rakshasa”.

The action scenes in this movie is awesome!! There were quite a number of funny scenes along the way too!! Gon and Killiua met up with their friends to watch the Battle Olympia Tournament at the Heaven’s Arena. When suddenly, the arena was hijacked by the Shadow and their army to capture Issac Netero as a revenge from the hatred of Jed.

The introduction of the 3 Remnants of Shadow, were then told a little bit later in the story. And Jed was resurrected. There sure put on a good fight with the hunters with the power of “On”. Which Netero was then captured as a ransom for the Hunter Association to reveal to the world the biggest and darkest secret that was hidden in the shadows from everyone.

With Gon using the power of “On”. Will he be able to save everyone? What will Killua do to save Gon from falling to the dark side? Jed has to use his ability, “The Grudge of One-Hundred Demons: Rakshasa” again and Netero had to stop him with his ability of the “100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva”.

The animation style for the characters in this movie was really awesome and there are few differences in the character illustration for this movie when you watch it. We were really awed by the action scenes in the movie. Other than the action scenes that were awesome in the movie, the movie was also hilarious. It was really a good watch and I would recommend you to watch it too!


My rating for this movie. 8.5/10


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