The Chinese fan club for the popular Japanese singer May’n will be formally established on the 23th Feburary 2014! (Cue applause!)

The May’n fan club (named May’n China Fan club) is formed by Guangzhou Culture Communication Co. Ltd. (广州源子文化传播有限公司) with the assistance of May’’n and her managing company. It took them over a year of preparations for the establishment and operations to bring the China fans a number of benefits.


The official site is

The May’n China Fan Club will provide for fans services ranging from newsletters, members-only mementos to members-only seats in concerts (only limited for part of the concert), offline member activities and members only messages. The May’n China Fan club services and benefits would not lose to Japan’s Fan club!

Members can either logon to to download the application forms and registration forms.

May'n China 1

After registration, you need to pay the entry fee and the first year membership fee to become a member of the fan club and enjoy all of the benefits. May’n China Fan club newsletter would be published in Chinese simultaneously as Japan’s fan club and there would be 4 newsletters yearly. The contents include never-seen-before May’n photos, activity records, performances , concert reports, interviews, messages and so on.

The entry fee for the fan club is set at 100 yuan per person, in addition to the annual fee of 400 yuan per year (this means that you would need to pay 100 + 400 = 500 yuan when you first join). There is a point system in the fan club, where you can redeem the points for exclusive gifts.


The inception date for May’n China Fan Club coincides with May’n newest world tour 「dots and lines」 starting date and the announcement of the club’s establishment on 29th January 2014 is the same date as the release of May’n’s 9th single 「今日に恋色」 and 4th album 「NEW WORLD」 in Japan!

Come on comrades! There are more events that await you. Join May’n China Fan club and show your boundless enthusiasm and love for May’n.

Official website:
May’n China Fan club Weibo:

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