Comic Fiesta 2013 in Malaysia just ended last year and I already can’t wait for Comic Fiesta 2014! I had an awesome time there and it was very exciting. It was my first time attending Comic Fiesta and I was really amazed. The event ground was so huge and there were so many people.

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Seriously people mountain people sea. Although it was super packed with lots of people, it was fun to squeeze around visiting the booths. Not that I like squeezing around or what but there’s this ‘exciting festival’ feel. It’s like a lot of people with the same passion gathering together in one place celebrating their passion and interest. Feels very special to be a part of the big big ACG Family.

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The crew members are also very friendly and helpful. Well , most of them are. Some are a litte inexperience and don’t really know the place and event very well but they made an effort to direct you to another crew member. I was really touched by very friendly and sporting crew member early in the morning.

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On the second day of Comic Fiesta , I was walking through the queue and there was this crew member shouting ‘ ohayo gozaimasu’ [ Good Morning ] to everyone. I shouted ‘Ohayo’ back too and the rest of the crew members including the guy all smiled and shouted ‘have a nice day’ back. It feels like everyone is so friendly and it really makes you feel like you belong here. This was one thing that really touched me. The first time ever in events.

cf2013-2-007The hall was divided into many sections which makes finding the place you want to go easier. They had a whole hall for League of Legends Championships. The gamers were so professional and it was so fun watching them defend their own team.

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The commentator was extremely hilarious with the facial expression and all. All the audience was having fun watching the game as well as the commentator who made it extremely suspensing and interesting. The audience was also very sporting and they were many awesome cosplayers who went there to join the LOL cosplay competition! The costumes and armor were so detailed and they look amazing, Standing in the crowd makes me feel like I am one of the champion playing in the game.

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There’s also lots and lots of douijin stuff. Comic Fiesta is so special because they not only have anime merchandises and all those big names like Good smile company , Culture Japan, Bushiroad [ Vanguard ] etc but they also have areas for Doujins. Local and international artist get to share their works there. There’s lots of beautiful illustrations, posters, badges and other stuff.

cf2013-1-105 cf2013-1-097


There’s also the stage event which was MEGA AWESOME. The hosts were like the funniest people I’ve ever seen . Like literally the funniest people ever! And they were so spontaneous and sporting and all. Malaysia really got talent. Really love those contestants who went all out to win the free posters. They were like dancing and acting out the theme ‘wrecking ball in a swimming pool’ and all of them did their own style and sportingly show it all out with the host commentating on it. It was so good and really interesting because it was the first time ever I saw events with such fun stuff.

cf2013-1-119They were also special cosplayer guest appearance and KZ LIVETUNE performed on stage too. It was epic! There were also the cosplay competition and the performance was nice. Everyone had their own unique style of performing and showing off their cosplays.


There was also signing sessions at the coffytiam booth. There were so many people crowding that mini booth just to meet their favorite artist and cosplayers. It was awesome but I think they should make the place bigger next time. I think they didn’t really expect the crowd because this is the first time they had special guests. So it was really awkward because they didn’t have enough time for everyone in the queue to take photo and autographs which caused a little disappointment and drama. I hope that next year they’ll have a bigger signing session and a longer time too.

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All I can say, it was a really wonderful event and I really had lots of   fun. I hope it will be even better this year. I hope that Comic Fiesta will continue to grow stronger and bigger as the years go by. And I really hope that there will be more people coming together to associate with everyone else and have lots and lots of fun together.

Credits to Yuko & JASONLCS

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