What!? Nisekoi Majikore!? (ニセコイ マジコレ!?)

This app by Konami is the official game for the Anime Nisekoi ! Fans of Nisekoi wouldn’t want to not miss to download this game!

If you play games like Yome Collection, this game’s system is somewhat similar to it. But this game has only 2 characters to play with which are the two female protagonist in the story, Chitoge Kirisaki and Kosaki Onodera .


The Game System

Leveling up equals to filling up the bar by giving more love ( by swiping the screen ). As you keep swiping the screen and hearts popping out, the emotion of the character will change too! You have 10 times to swipe the screen. And then you have to wait for a certain timing to be able to do it again.


Skill cards are used to upgrade the character to unlock new costumes. Skill cards can be received from swiping the screen to give love to the character. You also only have 10 times to place a skill cards to the character. Same as after giving love/ hearts to the character, after you used up all 10 times, you’ll have to wait for a certain timing to be able to use it again.


Other than that there is in-app purchases for items and gifts in the game. Gifts can be used for giving to the character. There are items that can be used to aid you in the game, like to instantly restoring the 10 times of swiping on the screen or restoring number of times on using the skill cards or maybe boost the skill type of each character.

With various kinds of Costumes in this game, you can also switch the character’s outfit. As for this instance, we’re going to switch to the “ Pirate “ Costume.


Is it no different than the other few that you can find?

As you leave your phone for a couple of hours, the mood of the character will change to when you turn the app on again. Then you’ll have to start rubbing the screen to make the character more happy.

In a sense , it makes you want to keep checking and turning on the application. Which progression is key in this game. Other than that, it makes this game somewhat like a dating simulator.


Writer’s Review

  What do you think? Nah, I’m just joking. Personally, I like this game. This is what I’ll tell you. So far, I’m still starting through the game. Kinda still at level 9, but you get the point. I’m loving it.  

I am a person who usually likes to play games on the go, which my phone has lots of different games of my interest.

As I have previously played Yome Collection on my phone, I was kind of familiar with how the gameplay was like. As I saw it got announced before release, I quickly registered for the “Pre-Game Registration” so I can play this game early and see how it fairs out for a smartphone game app. Knowing that the Pre-game Registration could let me have the limited/special “Pirate” costumes for both characters. So I decided to give it a shot.


Within the next few weeks I received an email from Konami with the link to download the game. The email also included the code for the limited/special costumes in the game.

The Verdict.

ニセコイ マジコレ!? - Google Play の Android アプリ - Google Chrome 2014-09-28 16.37.23


Tied-in with the Anime, Konami have really brought in a great game for Nisekoi fans. I really had a good time playing is on my free time. The content and the game system is great!


My rating for this app?8/10.

So…. What should I do next?


This game is available on the Google Play store for Android devices and the Apple App store for the iOS devices.




Android : 2.3.3 and Above

iOS : 5.1 and Above

Note** : They are still accepting application pre-registration campaign! So hurry and register!

Official Page for the app – http://www.konami.jp/nisekoi/app/


How to download?

Google Play Store:


Apple iTunes Store:

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