BABYMETAL, consisting of members, SU-METAL, MOAMETAL & YUIMETAL, the chosen ones selected by the Fox-God, aims to attain World Domination through their music. Their music theme is the fusion of J-POP and HEAVYMETAL.


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As part of their World Domination, Singapore was first on their list to be dominated on 28 December 2013 at the SCAPE Ground Theatre.


Their debut song “Doki Doki Morning” has reached listeners not only from Japan, but also fans from overseas. BABYMETAL was also youngest artiste group in history to participate in Japan’s Summer Sonic event, a concert event that is held annually since the year 2000 and the youngest artiste group ever to perform at the Heavy Metal Music Festival, Loud Park.

Without further ado, let’s move on to the interview segment!



First of all, welcome back to Singapore. This is currently your third time here, your first overseas performance was held last year during AFA 2012. And today, you’re back here again to hold your very first overseas performance. Do you feel any sense of attachment to Singapore, and is there any food that you enjoy here?

Whenever, we visit Singapore, we will be able to meet fans of BABYMETAL, not just the fans from Japan, but also fans that we can only meet overseas.  So we will always be missing our overseas fans every time we have to return back to Japan. And as for the local food, we really love the chicken rice here,and we would like to have it again sometime soon!

A question for SU-METAL, we have heard that you had studied with your sister in a dance school previously. We would like to ask, how does studying in such a school differ from studying in a normal high school?

SU-METAL: As it was a school specializing in dancing and singing, basically it has lessons on singing and dancing. So all these dancing and singing abilities that I am currently using, are all skills that I had learnt during my course of study there. Also, We choose the songs on our own, learn how to sing the song, coordinate dances on our own, and even the costumes that we put on during performing are made on our own. Gaining such experiences from there and connecting with experiences that I now have.

How do you feel about having your first solo live in Singapore?

SU-METAL: For the first time, we are having a overseas performance. We are currently extremely excited about the performance, and we are very curious about the types of people that will gather, and how will they react to our performances. But most of all, we are most looking forward to letting our fans learn more about our, BABYMETAL’s attractiveness during our concert.


Previously you were from the idol group Sakura Gakuen, is there any difference in terms of your singing and dancing style in BABYMETAL as compared to Sakura Gakuen?

While in Sakura Gakuin, we MOAMETAL and YUIMETAL emphasize more on singing in a group. However, in BABY METAL, since we have taken the part of a supporting role, we do not emphasize only on singing, but we would also do our best to cheer our fans with our dances.

We have heard previously that MOAMETAL would like to become a Seiyuu (Voice Actress), what are your reasons for wanting to achieve this dream?

Rather than wanting to become a Seiyuu, I felt that it seemed really fun to be able to express myself with only my voice. Also, I really like anime, and recently there’s this anime that I am a fan of, called LOVELIVE. Within the series, there is a character that goes by the name of Minami Kotori, which is played by the Seiyuu, Uchida Aya( 内田  彩). I really like her voice acting and she serves to be my inspiration as I really respect her a lot.

We have also learnt that you, YUIMETAL, consume at least a tomato once per day. Is that true?

Yes, I really love tomatoes! When we are having our afternoon breaks during our singing and dance lessons, I would drop by the store to purchase one and have it during my meal. And I also grow my own tomato at home!


A question for SU-METAL, your birthday just passed recently on the 23rd of December, how did spend your time during your birthday?

The next day after my birthday, on the 24th, we had a one man live scheduled to celebrate my birthday. So on the 23rd, was the rehearsal for the performance. Thus I was able to meet everyone, the staffs and other members, and we held a celebration together. On the next day I had a chance to meet my fans during the concert, and I was also cheered up as they wished me Happy Birthday! On top of that, since I was able to celebrate it twice, I was able to have 2 cakes, so I am extremely overjoyed this year!


Previously, BABYMETAL has performed together other world renowned artistes such as Metallica during Summer Sonic 2013. Is there any other group or artiste that you look up to or like to have a collaboration with in the future?

For us BABYMETAL, rather than being “No. 1”, we aim to be the “Only 1”, as we are the first ones that had fused Idol and HEAVYMETAL together. We want to present something that others cannot, and so more people will be able to notice us, and support us!

You will be having a concert soon in Taiwan during the coming Chinese New Year. How do you feel being able to perform in Taiwan?

That will be our 2nd time having a solo performance overseas.  Although we really have no idea of what is going to happen that time, it will be our first time meeting our fans in Taiwan. So we are really excited and are really looking forward to be able to meet them.


Is there a dream stage in which you would like to perform as BABYMETAL in the future?

We, BABYMETAL, are followers of the Fox-God. Therefore we always move and act according to his will. Rather than following our own expectations, the Fox-God always presents all sorts of amazing things to us. So we will be leaving our fate to the Fox-God!

Is there anything you would like to see your fans do, or thought that it would be great if you could see something happen during your live performance tomorrow?

We would be really delighted if the fans were to sing together with us during our performance. Although it could be really dangerous, we would be really happy to see our fans moshing together during the concert tomorrow.

Lastly, is there any message that you would like to deliver to your fans in Singapore?

This would be our 3rd time in Singapore, and I am really thrilled to be able return here for another performance. We are looking forward to seeing more fans coming to cheer and support us, and so, we will continue to do our best to deliver the very best to our fans. If there is an opportunity, we would also like our fans to watch our performances held in Japan as well, but most of all, we would like to be able to return here, to Singapore again. We would like to be able to do more solo concert here in Singapore in the coming future.

That’s all we have for BABYMETAL, stay tune for more from Ani-Culture.net !

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