Gen Urobuchi is no stranger to the Japanese anime industry as a script writer famous for his works which are extremely well known for its dark content and tragic plot twists. Some of his more popular works include Saya no Uta, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Fate/Zero, Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet and not forgetting, Psycho-Pass.


Gen Urobuchi

He is also the head writer of the upcoming live action(Tokusatsu) series, Kamen Rider Gaim. During his recent visit to Singapore for Anime Festival Asia 2013, we had the opportunity to be blessed by his presence for an exclusive combine  interview done with our comrade Hexieshe. Due to Gen Urobuchi doesn’t like to show his true self so there won’t be any photos of him in this interview.


Were there any difficulty in which you came across when writing the script for Psycho-Pass?

The time I had to write for Psycho-Pass was rather short. Normally, for most of my other works, it usually takes approximately 2 to 3 years to complete the script. However, for Psycho-Pass, I was under a tight schedule, thus I only had around a year or half a year to complete it. I did it in a rush, and it was really tough to keep up with the timings to meet.

You previously mentioned that you completed that script in a really tight schedule. If you have been given more time, do you think that you would have changed the ending for the story? Like maybe prevented the death of the main antagonist Makishima Shougo?

Even if I was given the extra time, I doubt that I would change the ending of season one.

Could it be for the sake of the coming season 2?

Yes, so please look forward to it!  

A huge number of your fans feel that your works are very dark and tragic. Among all your creation, which do you think would be the darkest among the rest?

Of all my works, the one that I felt was the darkest among the anime titles which I have written, I believe that Psycho Pass could actually be my darkest one so far.


PSYCHO-PASS.full.1374365If you were to pick a side, would you be an ally of the character Kogami Shinya or Makishima Shougo?

If I have to choose, I would probably be running along with Makishima Shougo. As expected of my personality, I wouldn’t be able to tolerate abiding the laws of the Sibyl System, and probably by captured right away.

It may not be for the cause of evil, but would you be fighting against the system in order to achieve your idea of a ideal world?

Although there definitely are people who are satisfied about living in such a comfortable world, and people who will work hard to attempt to change the world, it all comes down to securing your own freedom and happiness. So in such a world, I would probably be sneaking around a lot. It may even be nice to live within the mountains to avoid suspicion, like Saiga Jouji in the series.  I’m really envious of Saiga Jouji for being able to live such a life.

In regards to Fate/zero, have you thought of wanting to become a Master of that universe?

About that, I wouldn’t like to be caught living inside such a horrifying world and therefore, I don’t really want to become a Master.

(Urobuchi-Sensei chuckled as he mentions this)


Given a chance? Is there any servant whom you ever like to become, or is there a historical hero who you really look up to.

I really look up to the Chinese historical figure, Cao Cao. I believe that even to the Chinese, this may be shocking to hear. But although there are other famous historical generals in Japan such as Oda Nobunaga who also oppose the empire for the sake of a revolution , he is actually a really popular person in Japan. I was really taken aback when I heard from some of my readers from China that, Cao Cao, is usually treated as a villain in most fictional works. However in Japan, Cao Cao is very popular amongst the Japanese anime industry and has been used as the base of a main character for many anime works.

Since Cao Cao has been known to use a sword, would you classify him as a Saber class or maybe even as a Berserker class instead?

Berserker class huh? Think I’ll give that a pass.

(Urobuchi Sensei chuckled as he mentioned that.)

Maybe he could be more suited to be a Caster class instead. Is there anything we can look forward to for your upcoming works? Or is there anything you would like to create in your future works? I would like to create many other products, and if given an opportunity, I would like to write a gag story as well. However, whether will someone offer me this chance or not would be a different story altogether.

You have a lot of fans from China, is there anything you would like to relay to them?

I haven’t had the opportunity to visit China yet, but, I’m actually very curious as to how the people are introduced to Japanese anime. Previously during another event in Japan, I had the chance to meet some guests who were from China. And I was extremely delighted when I was told that they received most of their media from the internet. I have also heard that the official screening of Fate/Zero got taken off the official broadcast halfway throughout the series and I sincerely felt that it was really unfortunate for that to have happened.

By all means, please continue to enjoy and support the Japanese anime industry.


We congratulated Urobuchi Sensei for his success of Psycho-Pass season 1, and we will continue to look forward to seeing more of his awesome creations. With a whole new television series and movie on its way, we can barely wait any longer.

In the meantime, here’s a short trailer of the upcoming Psycho-Pass movie.

 That’s all we have for Gen Urobuchi, stay tune for more from !

Credits to Hexieshe


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