In this post, we bring you an exclusive group interview with the beautiful ELISA. Having first debuted as a model for Geneon Universal Entertainment as a model and later as a singer in the year 2007, she has mesmerized us with her songs such as “Dear My Friend” the ending theme song of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, “God Only Knows” the first opening theme song for the anime, The World God Only Knows.

And recently, definitely to be featured during Anime Festival Asia’s 2013 Valvrave Night, the ending theme song for the anime Kakumeiki Valvrave, “REALISM”.



How do you find Singapore so far?

I am very surprised and yet impressed by how modern and developed Singapore actually is as compared to what i had initially thought. Although, I have previously visited other countries within Asia, this is currently my first time being able to visit Singapore. I have always wondered what kind of country Singapore is in reality. Singapore is extremely modern and very beautiful and clean as well. Also, some of the scenery here, feels very familiar to me. It’s as if it looks so similar to some parts of Tokyo! But at the same time, the other parts looks very foreign and fresh to me.

It’s been many years since the time when you were a still a model and had expressed interest in becoming a singer. Now that you have finally realized your dream, what kind of feelings do you have at this point of time? Do you really think that it was fate that brought you here?

I felt that the experiences I had in my life were full of surprises but yet filled with tons of emotional episodes. During the time while I was still a high school student, my parents were really kind and did’ object me of following my believes and allowed me to pursue my dreams. Up untill the end of my high school life, I had been very active and enjoyed playing in the mountains. Under the influence of my dad, I began to pick up singing. However, during the time when I had applied for auditions,  I kept my parents in the dark of my actions. After graduating, I have been participating in endless amount of auditions. And when I finally succeeded, I felt that I was really lucky, it was as if it was a miracle. I wanted to be a professional singer, so I kept thinking of what was necessary to become successful. During my time with the agency, I have done a lot of research on the internet. And so I thought, there are a lot of people out there who aims to become a professional singer too. And even if I were to send my recordings to the employing agencies, there are still a possibility that nobody would listen to them.So I thought on how I can be able to stand out from the others. Like a ability that I could use to my advantage. Therefore I mentioned that I wanted to become a singer during my modeling audition. The reason behind my action then was this, for example: “If we were to visit the supermarket and see a pile of vegetables at the counter, and we were to find a piece of meat among the pile of vegetable, we would be really surprised!” Right?

そばにいる” and “REALISM

You have recently released 2 new singles, “そばにいる” and “REALISM”. Could you tell us more about it?

When I was requested to perform for the series, it was then my comeback after taking a break from singing. And when I heard about the anime title being “Kakumeiki Valvrave (Revolutionary Machine) “, I thought that I could make a revolution for myself as well. I wanted to express my feelings and emotions that I had contained within me, so I wrote the lyrics of the song in a way so as to connect closer with my fans. In that sense, I succeeded in making a revolution for my comeback.

Who is your musical inspiration?

Hmm… I wanted to be original so  I write my own lyrics and listen to it repeatedly after arranging them. I believes that my voice has extreme potential and found that I was able to use my own songs to express myself better. I have sang in many different kinds of genre, but back then, I was still looking for the one that would able to express me best. Something that is able express my own true identity. In the end, there wasn’t a specific one, as I’m an artiste, therefore I need to change my voice accordingly to suit each and every type of music. So that way, I will be able to have a very versatile and yet vibrant kind of voice.


Previously you mentioned that you were on hiatus, how does it feel to be able to return to the music industry again.

I am really happy because I really wanted to sing so badly again! Due to my sudden hiatus, I felt really bad about my fans who have been waiting and supporting me all these time. So, I wanted to somehow inform them that I have fully recovered by using my songs, passing them the message “not to worry”. After returning to the industry, I wanted to make a comeback. Then… “Kakumeiki Valvrave” was introduced. It was also a revolution for myself.

This is your first time sharing the same stage as etc, how do you feel?

I feel that it is really amazing and I am honored to be able to perform together with such wonderful and amazing artistes. I will do my best and hope to be able to indulge the audiences with my songs. I would want everyone to know that this is how ELISA’s voice is. A voice that is really strong and powerful, yet at the same time has a smoothing, and has the capability of healing one’s soul allowing the person to relax.

Among the songs that you have sang, is there one in which you hold closest to you?

About the song in which holds the deepest impression to me? There are a lot of songs in which means a lot to me. But if I have to choose one among all of them, it definitely has to be the song  “God Only Knows”. As I believe that it contains extremely meaningful lyrics. Same goes for the song “Realism” as well. Now that I think about it, these are the types of songs that I enjoy singing the most.

How do you find Singapore since its your first time here?

Hmm… It’s been raining very frequently since I arrived in Singapore so far. In Japan, I didn’t really enjoy rainy days. In fact, I’m actually quite a “Hare-Onna (晴れ女)”, meaning that “Every time I step out of home to do something, it will always be sunny.” But here in Singapore, it keeps raining.


Could you share with us some of the projects that you will be embarking on, like new songs?

I will soon be having a concert in Singapore this evening and recently, it has also been announced that I will be performing during the upcoming January too. I really enjoy to perform in live concerts because every live performance is different. Not only in terms of the performance, but also the audiences and the passion I receive from the crowd. Also, I will do my best to have my own ideal dream stage performance. Although I have never done it live before, I would like to play the piano on stage. I would like to do stuff like this not only during a CD recording but also during live performances.

Earlier this morning you were requesting to sing 2 songs. The first one was a pop song, and the 2nd one was an opera song. Was this arranged by the organizers or was this decided by you?

That was decided based on my own will. I wasn’t able to decide which would be better, since I felt that my voice is able to keep up with both genre. After all, I have sung genres like these during Karaoke sessions as well. I enjoying singing both types of songs, but I was unsure which one would be better accepted by the audiences, so I had decided go along with both.

Do you have any other plans to hold concerts outside of Japan?

I plan to one day, be able return to Singapore, and hopefully to be able to hold another performance here for my fans in Singapore.

DSC_1795 copy marked DSC_1795 copy marked

You have started your career at a very young age, is there anything in which you may have missed out during your teenage life?

Unknowingly, I have realized that I have grown into an adult. At the same time, I still find myself having the mind of my childhood self. However, during the time when I first debuted as ELISA, the people and staff in which I was working together with have already crossed the age of 20. And even right now, I still have some mixed feelings. Is it really alright to become an adult with this current mindset?!

In your song “REALISM”, there was this part that resembles opera. Is there any opera works in which you enjoy?

“REALISM” is a song which is meant to have a healing effect on the listener.  So after listening to the recording of the first part, I felt that the best way to end the song was to add in a segment of opera music. The opera work that I like the most is “The Marriage of Figaro”, it is also the song that I sang during my auditions back in my younger days.

Your have previously performed in Japan’s AniSummer concert, with that experience in mind, how do you find your experience of Anime Festival in south east Asia?

It’s really interesting! I find that it is really amazing for people with the same interest and passion to assemble like this in order to share  and create the ultimate experience for one another. Making it a memory that will stay in their heart forever.

 That’s all we have for ELISA, stay tune for more from !

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