Consisting of members, lead vocalist Atsuko and guitarist KATSU, this will now be angela’s 3rd time performing in Anime Festival Asia in Singapore. First starting out as street performers in the year 1993, they have won the support of their audiences though fun-filled interactions during their live performances. It’s no wonder they have gained so much fans within Japan and overseas.

Currently, they have released a total of 21 singles, 6 albums, and 2 mini-albums with Starchild productions so far. It’s no wonder they keep appearing so frequently in the weekly Oricon Charts Ranking in Japan. Without further delay, let’s get on with the show, and on to the interview segment.

Atsuko / KATSU

You will soon be performing in Anime Festival Asia’s Valvrave Night. How does it feel to be able to come back to Singapore for another performance?

Last year at Anime Festival Asia 2012, we were given the opportunity to perform in Indonesia. And finally this year, it brings me great pleasure to be able to come back to Singapore once again for another performance! And this, would be our 3rd time here, and we are extremely excited to know if our songs were able to reach the people here, in Singapore. And during our brief appearance on stage just moments ago, we could see that the people here are really excited about tonight’s live performance and that almost every here, are more than familiar with our song, “Boku Ja Nai”! We are really looking forward to tonight’s live performance!

You will definitely be performing the song “Boku Ja Nai” during your live performance tonight. We would like to ask, what is the concept and idea used to create that song?

This song, was written again reading the original script and understanding the entire plot of the series, Valvrave the Liberator. And we wrote this song, based on the emotions and thoughts of the main protagonist, Tokushima Haruto. The message that we were trying to convey within this song, are his thought, “I am not myself”, and “That’s not me!”. Basically, it’s a form of the character’s mistaken identity. Currently, I believe that the anime series has not yet been officially released in Singapore just yet, but I am sure, that after watching the series, everyone will be able to fully comprehend what we have just mentioned.

What sort of emotions do you have whenever you sing the song “Boku Ja Nai?’

Truthfully, when singing this song, I am supposed to enter into a state where I imagine myself to have entered the universe of the animation series. However, whenever I see the audience smile and cheer for us, I would end up enjoying myself as well, as I really enjoy singing a lot.

Recently on the 6th of November, you have released 2 songs, “Angel”, as well as “Tooku Made”. Could you tell us more about these songs?

Angel“, was the opening theme song of the animation series, Coppelion. This series, is about a huge radioactive disaster that has happened to Japan. Similarly, a few years ago, there was an earthquake, which had cause damage to the nuclear reactors over at Fukushima. With that in mind, it feels as if, we were able to sympathize with the characters within the story. The series is about 3 high school girls that has been sent to the radioactive zone, on a mission to search and rescue any survivors they meet along the way. And even though they are bounded to such a cruel fate, they accepted that and continue to press forward no matter what happens. Thus I wanted to express these emotions into the song Angel.


Tooku Made” was decided as the ending song for the series. As the opening song was composed with a much faster tempo, we decided to bring down the tempo for the ending song. The song was written in reference to the emotions the main character experienced throughout the series. Mainly about soul searching, like “where am I from”, or “why do I need to live on”, and at the end all these thoughts and emotions will explode and burst out. Thus this was how this song was composed.

This year is angela’s 10th year anniversary. Would you like to take this opportunity to express your gratitude to anyone out there?

KATSU: It has been 10 years since angela started out performing as Street Musicians. And we are still extremely grateful to the producer from King Records who picked us up and groomed us to who we are today.

Atsuko: I also feel the exact same way as Katsu, and I would also like to thank all our fans who have been supporting us since our debut. After 10 years, our fans have also started to change a little, there are some people who have stopped purchasing our CDs but still supports us through online means, and some people who have started supporting us after getting to know angela by our Anisongs. And when performing live, I realized that our fan ranges from young middle school students to adults, some aging 50 years old and above as well. Just by seeing that, I have come to understand that the reason of our success is all thanks to these people who have never stopped supporting us. And I am really grateful to every single one of our fans.


Your 6th album “ZERO” managed to enter the top 10 of the Oricon Charts. What are your thoughts on this wonderful success?

We have composed this song not for the sake of achieving a spot on the Weekly Oricon charts, but rather, it’s meant for people to further enjoy the animation series, Valvrave the Liberator. And as long as there is anyone, who listens to the songs, or an anime fan that enjoys our works, we are very satisfied with just having reaching out to these people.

 That’s all we have for angela, stay tune for more from !

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