Japanese Entertainment Company Amuse Inc.’s musical artists WEAVER and HaKU have been invited to “Indonesia Japan Expo 2013” which will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia from 19th to 22nd December.

This event will be held to celebrate the 55th anniversary of diplomatic relations and friendship between Indonesia and Japan. It is one of the biggest events organized by both governments and the private sectors promoting Japan. This four-days event is expected to draw the huge crowd of around 70,000 visitors. WEAVER and HaKU are going to give a live performance.

WEAVER has done live performances in Singapore for three times. Also, in early December, they took part in “Big Mountain Music Festival 5 ” which is one of the biggest music festivals in Thailand. Furthermore, WEAVER collaborated with one of the famous Thai bands INSTINCT. The collaboration song has been chosen to be the theme song of 「Find the WASABI!」which will be broadcasted from coming January. On 8th December, WEAVER took part in “Big Mountain Music Festival 5” in Thailand to perform together with INSTINCT.Whilst they’ve been expanding their WEAVER has announced that the member will go to London to study from the end of January. They will study to improve their language skill and to gain inspirations from culture in UK and London music which they respect.


WEAVER OFFICIAL SITE http://www.weavermusic.jp/

OFFICIAL FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/weavermusic/

OFFICIAL Twitter https://twitter.com/WEAVER_STAFF

OFFICIAL Youtube  http://www.youtube.com/user/asketch?feature=c4-overview-vl

HaKU’s image is one of a particular shade of white (白 or ‘haku’) that cannot be dyed in any other colour. Also infused in the band’s name is the Japanese word for one note / one beat (拍 or ‘haku’) as well as the act of exhaling (吐く or ‘haku’) – to sing as if exhaling.
Creating music without relying on computers or synthesizers of any kind, HaKU is an electronic rock band that relies purely on human power to bring about its music – even in live performances. HaKU makes its presence felt in emotion-filled performances, combining a heavy-hitting sound with extraordinary vocals, reflecting the tense atmosphere that is the band’s worldview.


In the meantime, HaKU has released “wonderland (international edition)” in Asian countries from Universal Singapore in June. In July, they did a one-man live show in Malaysia which turned out to be a great success. They were also invited to famous AIM Chinese Music Awards which is very unusual for a Japanese artists.

HaKU OFFICIAL SITE  http://www.haku-music.net/

OFFICIAL FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/hakumusic

OFFICIAL Twitter https://twitter.com/HaKU_music

OFFICIAL Youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/HaKUmusic2009?feature=watch

Moreover, they had Joe Chia as a costume designer for their music video in Malaysia, who is known as Best Asian Designer in New York.

Logo logo IJE

To celebrate the 55th anniversary of diplomatic relations and friendship between Indonesia and Japan, both WEAVER and HaKU are chosen as representative artists from Japan to perform at “Indonesia Japan Expo 2013”.

Indonesia Japan Expo 2013

22 & 23 December 2013

Venue: JIEXPO Kemayoran Jakarta

Ticket: Rp.20.000


We believe that these two artists who have been active throughout Asia will attract the locals audience and will contribute the exhibition’s further success.

Credits to Amuse Inc. Asia

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