Nishikawa Takanori & Mizuki Nana

Nishikawa Takanori & Mizuki Nana

During Anime Festival Asia 2013, Nishikawa Takanori, aka T.M Revolution, and Mizuki Nana ended Sunday’s Valvrave Night with a spectacular performance and got the audiences cheering enthusiastically for more. It was definitely a grand night never to be forgotten.

This is Mizuki Nana’s  first time performance overseas, and we are very honored to have her here in Singapore as her first stop outside of Japan. together with other medias were granted the opportunity to be part of a very special group interview with this revolutionary duo, without further ado let’s move on to the interview!

Opening Message

Nishikawa: Hi everyone, I’m so happy to be able to meet you all again. I’m truly happy to be able to come to Singapore and participate in AFA once more, and meet everyone here again. Thank you so much for having me again this year!

Nana: Nice to meet you, I’m Nana Mizuki. I’m really happy to be here as it’s my first time coming to Singapore, and also my first time attending an overseas event outside of Japan. Earlier on, while I was standing on the stage, I could feel everyone’s warm welcome and I was really touched by it. I will definitely give in all I got for tonight’s performance. Thank you so much for your support!

You have sang the theme song for the drama “switch girl”. Do you personally feel that you are like a “switch girl” in reality?

Nana: Hmm….A little! I have been told that at times, I act like a old uncle. (ojisan) Hahaha..

Nishikawa: Eh?! Uncle? Why not just stay that way? (mentions as a joke)

In this collaboration of TMR & Nana Mizuki, as both of them are really popular artiste, how was it like coming together as a team?

Nishikawa: Hmm…let’s see. When we working together, there wasn’t much difficulties as there were zero clashing opinions. I had a really a great time working together with Nana-san.

Nana: I also had a really great time when taking up the job. In the past, during my high school days, I was then already listening to Nishikawa’s songs,  and therefore I was really nervous to be able to work together with such a big senior.

Nishikawa: Hi Nana-ko! (奈々子meaning Little Nana)

Nana: He was really supportive and has always been encouraging me, to make me feel at ease. Thus, I was able to maintain my composure and sing like how I always have, without holding back.

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Was it difficult to work with Nishikawa-san during the process of the collaboration? Like was he a difficult person to work with?

Nana: Haha..He was a very wonderful person. Cause in reality, I’m actually a very shy person, but thanks to the efforts of Nishikawa-san, I was able to come out of my shell and become very friendly with him.

To match each other’s sense of music, how did you come to create a song that could suit the both of you?

Nishikawa: In the beginning, I wanted to get to know each other’s personality better, so I watched a lot of her recorded live concerts and videos. From there, I starting thinking that it would be really nice to be able to work sing alongside with her and create a song together with such a dazzling person. And in that process, I started researching on how can I resonate with her voice to create something really amazing.

Nana: I was also thinking along the same lines as Nishikawa-san, and was able to be part of Nishikawa-san’s team to produce “Persevered Roses”. And after that, in team Mizuki, Nishikawa did the same thing, and was able to create a 2nd song “Kakumei Dualism”. However, despite saying that, it was actually quite a tough hurdle to overcome. As a men & lady pair, we wanted to find a new form of duet, and so we started thinking on how we can approach it to make it something different. After all, we finally had another chance to be able to come together once more to produce another song. And so we continued exploring further for a solution, with the mindset of creating a song that truly represents us, a song that no other can do the same.

This is your first time here in Singapore. How do you find Singapore so far?

Nana: Though I have only just arrived yesterday, I have already found that Singapore is really a wonderful place, fitting of a tropical island, really sunny and really humid, but really unique as you see all these large buildings and beautiful skyscrapers lined up within the city. And just looking at it makes me extremely excited. However, it’s really unfortunate that I have to return to Japan really soon, but I’ll definitely come back here to Singapore once again on my private time to have a vacation.

Translator: Nishikawa-san, If I am not mistaken, is this your 2nd time to Singapore?

Nishikawa: Yes, that’s right. The previous time, after AFA2012 has ended, I was also here for my Fan-club event, and so I managed to visit most of the attractions here in Singapore. For example, I visited Sentosa, Universal Studio, the Zoo, Night Safari……

Nana: Sooo Good…..

Nishikawa: …Little India, Arab Street. And I also managed to savor Chili Crab, Chicken Rice and had some Italian cuisine as well. And in the end, I honestly find that Singapore is such a wonderful country, it may actually be great to just stay and live here.


You have recently released your single “Heaven only knows”, can you tell us about your inspiration for this single?


Nishikawa: Some time ago, there was this drama by the name of “Revolution’, in which within that world, everything is operated by electricity, and the twist is, if one day electricity were to be taken away and disappear, how do we continue to live our lives from there on. And so I thought, what if the things that we currently taken for granted are actually much more fragile that we thought, like for example, our families. And that only after you lose them, is when you start to realize that they actually mean a lot to you. At the same time, I also felt that I was offered this opportunity because of the relation to the name of the show, being “Revolution”, and the name of my band, being “T.M Revolution”. It was sort of like a play of words.

You have recently did a model shoot for “CanCam” magazine, can you tell us how was it like?


Nishikawa: Last summer, I had the opportunity to visit Indonesia, and as I observe, I was able to tell that everyone really likes the Japanese fashion. And so I thought that, be it as music, or animation, Japan has really extended its boundaries and is able to reach out to other countries of the world. And like Japanese fashion, I really hope that the rest of Asia will continue to stay connected with Japan. And if it’s alright with you, I’ll be more than happy to debut as a model in Asia.

Nana: For me, I do not feel that I have that kind of nice body like the ones that a model possesses. Truthfully, I actually really like western clothing, though I wouldn’t consider them as Lolita, I really like those frilly ones that is available in Japan. The ones that is really cute, and lady-like. And if I have the chance, I would be more than happy to take up the role of a model for those apparels.

Although it’s been more than 20 years since your debut, what kind of vision did you had for yourself when you first started out?

Nishikawa: When I first started out in the music industry, never in my wildest dreams, would I have thought that I would be able to perform overseas, and have so many fans waiting for me. Bit by bit, as long as I have fans waiting, or a goal to achieve, I will continue to do my best. I have been to several countries such as United States and Europe, but though having mentioned that, there are still plenty of other countries that I have yet to visit and I hope that someday, I would be able to do a world tour.

Translator: Mizuki-san, how long as it’s been since your debut? Since this is your first overseas event, do you have any goals or plans for the future in terms of overseas activity?

Nana: It has been 16 years since I have debuted as a voice actress (seiyuu), and 13 years as a singer. And although it’s my first time appearing overseas, I will soon be having my first overseas solo concert in Taiwan, in 2 weeks time from now. And that concert is also available for live viewing in Singapore, and I’ll be really happy if my Singaporean fans would come join me in my first overseas concert.

Nishikawa: Now that you mentioned it, this is also our first time coming together as a pair outside of Japan. Even in Japan, there times when we perform our duet songs, we actually do not have one another by our side. However, when we actually come together, we are able to perform a complete duet, and that makes singing so much more enjoyable! And previously during the Ultima Live Festival in states, by pure coincidence, since it was during the same period, I was able to attend a collaboration tour by Justin Timberlake and JayZ. And so I thought it will be really fantastic if we, TMR & Nana Mizuki, could have a tour together like this as well.

TMR staff:  And we hope that the start of this tour should be in Singapore!

Nishikawa: Hahaha….They (the staffs) are still thinking about it!

Nishikawa-san appeared together with Mizuki-san at Fuji-TV during the program “Shindomoto Brothers” recently. During the broadcast, Mizuki-san was referred to by her real name “Kondou Nana”. After this incident, how often have you been referred to by that name?


Nana: Earlier while I was on stage, there was a girl holding an Uchiwa(Japanese Festival Fan) which wrote “Mizuki Nana”, but when flipped, there it wrote “Kondou Nana” on the other side.

Nishikawa: Oh I saw that too! And right next to that girl, there was also another holding a fan which on one side wrote “T.M Revolution” and when flipped, showed “Short-Pants Boy (ショートパンツ野郎)” on the other side. And I was really shocked and was wondering “WHY?!?!” within my mind.

Closing Message

Nishikawa: Although this is my 2nd time here in Singapore, and now together with Mizuki Nana. I still hold the same amount of excitement as last year. I hope to once again deliver these feelings through my music to everyone attending the performance. Lastly, I hope that everyone will have a good time and enjoy the concert this evening.

Nana: Because this is my first overseas performance, I intend to perform on full throttle, with all I got while putting on a big Nana-san smile. This time, we are having a collaboration with Nishikawa-san and myself, and on stage we would be dueling with each other, at the same time, I also hope to see the audiences participating, have fun, and have a duel together with us during the live concert.

 That’s all we have for T.M Revolution & Mizuki Nana, stay tune for more from !

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