Gintama: The Movie: The Final Chapter: Be Forever Yorozuya will be hitting the shores of Singapore exclusively in Cathay Cinemas on this 17th October 2013. Special thanks to ODEX PTE LTD and CATHAY-KERIS FILM for the invitation to the movie preview.

For fans who have been following the Gintama series this is definitely a movie not to be missed !

For a first timer if you are looking for a good laugh this is the movie you must watch !!


The movie is full of humor, weird cameos starting off with the introduction on the ‘Japan Etiquette’ Gintama style when watching a movie in the cinema. To the original style of the ‘toilet humor’ which Gintama follower’s will be familiar about will pretty much got you cracking up having a good laugh. You will properly be craving for KFC after the movie hoping to look for the ‘old man’ for a dress up. However, the movie could be a quite a twist of different events so viewers will need to pay good attention to get what is going on as the linking events which  can get quite confusing. Gintama has a lot of ridiculous moments, but the movie touches upon a lot of socio-cultural themes and current events, spicing it all up with action scenes every now and then, making it a true all-rounder.


Synopsis: The plot places Gintoki Sakata several years in the future where Edo has been destroyed. In the city, Gintoki meets older versions of his comrades, Kagura and Shinpachi Shimura. Gintoki is mainly opposed by a group of sorcerers known as Enmi. Across his journey Gintoki is also set to encounter his past self from the war, White Devil, as an enemy.

Opens : 17 Oct 2013 in all Cathay Cinemas
Rating : TBA
Runtime : 110 mins
Language: Japanese (English & Chinese subtitles)

Voice Cast:
Tomokazu Sugita as Gintoki,
Rie Kugimiya as Kagura,
Daisuke Sakaguchi as Shinpachi,
Susumu Chiba,
Kazuya Nakai,
Kenichi Suzumura,
Akira Ishida,
Koichi Yamadera


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