Someplace isolated from humanity and civilisation...

Someplace isolated from humanity and civilisation… Nice wallpaper though.

Touhou fans! This is what you need if you’re after chibi, action, and our super cute but dangerous Youmu!

(Comiket 79-81: Youyou Kengeki Musou 妖々剣戟夢想) aka DAT YOUMU GAME


To those who already own the game last year, I’m sorry that I’m quite behind time, but the game is still awesome isn’t it?


First impression: A 3D platformer with miniaturised Touhou characters (featuring Konpaku Youmu).

Well, that turned out to be part of the aesthetic aspect of the game, and does not affect the storyline.

[collapse title=”The Story (click)” collapseid=”story”]

Konpaku Youmu, the gardener of Hakugyokurou, is worried that her master, Saigyouji Yuyuko, didn’t come to the sword training (among other things, Youmu is Yuyuko’s sword instructor).

Yuyuko never showed much interest to the training, but had never abandoned it before. When Youmu pointed out it to her, Yuyuko dodged the question and then set a condition that Youmu should defeat Hakurei Reimu, and then she would consider her demand.

Youmu knew that she would hardly be able to defeat Reimu at her current level, and that Yuyuko probably just wanted to shirk the training, but she had no other ideas.

Will she be able to defeat Reimu?

With these thoughts she leaves Hakugyokurou to find the shrine maiden.


Sanae’s mecha returns!… for a while.

Gameplay is rather straightforward; The basic attack is slashing with the Roukanken (Youmu’s long sword), touhou_kengeki-musou_2nd-trial_2

3 different multiplier attacks (aka skills, which spends Spirit Orbs) and lastly, the Spellcard, which can be used after its gauge is filled by dealing a certain amount of damage.

The funny thing is, Youmu never uses her Hakurouken in-game (besides in the CG above), which can seen tied to her waist. So, no dual-wielding.


…Or block either! NOT FAIR! щ(゚Д゚щ)

The AIs are smart. They can spam danmaku, flank the player, and sometimes even hide at places where the camera is intended not to show! To make things more frustrating during large-scale stand-offs, trying to get around a fairy (for example) would result in that same fairy chasing your tail!

I’d say the save system is mild. Throughout a chapter, one can find a few (if not several, a chapter can take at least an hour) checkpoints where they can respawn. Mid-boss battles are also considered as checkpoints. However, the game does not allow you start from a checkpoint after quitting, but you’d have to restart the latest chapter.


I’ve patched my game with English translation, don’t mind me. ^^;

Veteran Touhou players should have no problem dealing with bosses, as their attacks are pretty much based on the original games…


As expected of Yuyuko-sama!

Although this is a doujin game, you need some fine hardware to run it. I mean… LOOK AT THE WATER! touhou_kengeki-musou_lily-pads
There’s a lot of shading in this game. The lighting is great, and shadows are rendered in real-time, definitely no texture cheating here. Needless to say, the graphics are spectacular.


Magic shrooms are bad!


How am I suppose to get there?!

Confession: I suck at 3D platformers. I often fall to my deaths.


That’s all I can write about it. Anymore would be spoiling the game.
Interested? Unless you support piracy, there’s no way to get it but at Japanese conventions. Sorry. But, here’s the developers’ website (JP):

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