At AFA ID 2013, Ani-Culture team had the chance to be able to join in the interview session with May’n.

Below is a group interview done by Ani-Culture together with the other media representatives.

May'n 1

What if you got the chance to  meet Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier. What would it be the first thing(s) that you will be saying to her?

I would tell her that name is May’n and I am a singer.  To me, as a singer, the starting and most important point is for my audience/fans to remember me and my name.

How did the name “May’n” came to be? What imagery comes to mind when people first think of the name?

Even though when I introduce myself to others with my real name, people tend to remember me as May’n.  The image that I would like to create would be someone that likes to sing and will keep on singing for as long as they can.

May'n 2

If given the opportunity in the future to be able to choose an anime production that you would really like to sing for, what genre of anime would it be?

Hmm.. There isn’t really a particular genre of anime that I would especially like to sing for. Up to now, I seem to have been singing for series with fighting themes, so for a change, I’d like to challenge myself to some sort of music genre series. I believe that I can let my music reach out to the fans in any form.

What is your impression of the Indonesia and is there any particular aspects of Indonesia that catches your fancy?

Well, because of the hectic schedules and line-up for the event, I haven’t really had the time to leisurely explore the place as yet. There are really a lot of places in this country that I would love to visit. Indonesia gives me the impression of a country with lots of natural resources. I guess you could say I am particularly excited about the beaches and oceans surrounding this country.

May'n 3

Do you have any future plans to develop your music and singing career beyond the anime industry? 

Hmm.. I can’t really say. However, for almost all of my singles and albums that have debut or released thus far, they have been, in one way or another, related to the anime industry. I am in fact singing the OP for “Blood Lad” anime, which is currently broadcasting this season in Japan. I can’t say whether this is already a stereotypical situation, but we have just got to see how it goes from here. Of course it will be great to have the fans’ supports in whatever forms of developments I take my singing career to.

Recently, you took part in the gaming industry by providing theme songs for Onimusha Soul(Track “Outrider” from Run Real Run) and E.X. Troopers(Track “Mr. Super Future Star”). Do you have plans to spread your music further by collaborating with more game makers in the future ?

I am really happy that I have been singing theme songs for a lot more games series. However, honestly, I feel that there is no particularly big difference in singing for anime, or singing for games. While the game makers convey the storyline through game-play, when I sing the accompanying theme songs,  I try to capture the feel of the game. This is how I feel when I sing the theme songs. I would definitely look forward to any future opportunities of such similar collaborations.

That’s all we have for May’n, stay tune for more interview post on other artist at AFA ID 2013.

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