At AFA ID 2013, Ani-Culture had the chance of attending the interview session with Kalafina.

Below is a group  interview done by Ani-Culture together with the other media representatives.

Kalafina 1

Wakana, Keiko and Hikaru

Kalafina comprises of 3 members and each of your voices are very unique, what kind of training did you girls undergo in order to create such lovely melody?

We achieved this harmonisation through countless rehearsals and practices together. This has allowed us to get the feel of each other’s voices and pitches in creating such melody together.

You were all once soloist performers before you formed as a group. In the future do you intend to go back as a solo, or would you remain together?

We have been together as a group for quite some time now. If given the opportunity, we would always like to remain as a group of three to bring across our songs to our fans for as long as possible.

As a vocal group, there is always a different main vocal for different songs. How do you all decide about that?

Well, we leave the decision-making to Kajiura Yuki-san.

What are your thoughts when you see the influence of Japanese pop culture in Indonesia?

We are very happy to see such an influence of our country’s pop-culture in other countries. To held an event of such scale being organised outside of Japan on a regular basis, it truly makes us very happy that other countries are embracing our culture too.

Kalafina 2

What kind of experience would you like your audience to feel during the concert?

We feel that our voices reaching out to the audiences during a live performance it is very different from that which was conveyed through our CDs, even though we are essentially singing the same song. On top of this, when we see the adoration of our fans during a live, and it motivates us to do better in order give the greatest performance that the fans will forever forget.

Kalafina has performed overseas at a number of venues already (In Singapore first and now in Indonesia). Are there any interesting things that you have noticed between the overseas fans and the fans back home in Japan?

The biggest difference is the scale of the performance, and of course, the sales of our CDs as well. We have also notice that the fans in different countries have their own unique favourites amongst all of our songs, different from our fans back home.
However, we believe that be it in Japan or in other countries, we are conveying our feelings and expressions to our fans through our songs. Through our voices and songs, we are linked heart-to-heart with our fans.

What were your feelings when you know that you will be performing in AFA Indonesia?

When we first heard that we will be performing in Indonesia, our first thoughts were what sort of place would it be, and what sort of reception would we receive from our performance. However, there is always a first time for everything and we are definitely delighted to directly meet our fans in Indonesia. We would like to express our gratitude for their support through our performance.

As this is the first time you are performing in Indonesia, do you have anything special you would like to say to your fans here?

Well yes, this is our first time performing in Indonesia, and we are very pleasantly surprised by the warm and enthusiastic welcome that the fans of Indonesia had shown us. We are happy to learn that many of the fans studied the Japanese language just so they could communicate with us and understand our songs. This level of love touched us deeply. In return, we would love to show our gratitude and thanks for such warm and enthusiastic support by performing our best through our songs in the live later tonight.

Have you ever visited Indonesia not as performing artistes, but as tourists? If you are able to come to Indonesia as tourists, where in particular would you like to visit?

(Giggling) Well, we would like to try an island, maybe Bali. From what we know about Indonesia, it is famous for its many island resorts facilities. If given a chance to visit as tourists, we would definitely love to go to one of these island resorts.

That’s all we have for Kalafina, stay tune for more on !

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