At AFA ID 2013, Ani-Culture had the chance of attending the interview session with fripSide.

Below is a group  interview done by Ani-Culture together with the other media representatives.

Satoshi, Yoshino

Satoshi, Yoshino

Comparing your music style now and from your first debut, how much would you say your music have been influenced by  (e.g. American or European music)?

Sat: Hmm, my musical style is a mixture of influences of trance music and hard rock styles. I would say trance music veers more towards the European styles, whereas hard rock components comes mainly from American influences.

Continuing my first question about the influences of European and American music styles in your music, can you share with us an example of an American or a European band that has influenced you?

Sat: For a European band, I would say the band Orlanda, a German trance-electro band, held a pretty big influence over my music. As for an American music influence, I would not say a band, but it was more of hard rock music from 1975 to the late 1980s.

How different is fripSide’s music compared to when Nao as vocalist and when Yoshino-san as vocalist?

Sat: I would say that our music is more professional. Both Yoshino-san and myself see ourselves as professionals in this industry. Comparing the time with Nao-san, when both of us were still learning, fumbling and experimenting. We were both amateurish in our creations. This is my opinion in the difference from then and now.

Do you prefer being a vocalist or a seiyuu?

Yoshino: I have no particular preference. Both are my jobs and part of the career I have chosen. As long as I get to sing, I don’t mind being both.

Flipside 1

All your PV’s always feature a “geinoujin” (a Japanese comedian). When did this start and what was the reason, also how  do you pick which geinoujin to appear in your PVs?

Sat: Well, this would be the decision between our PV producer, sound director and myself. We would normally discuss this in an informal setting and alcoholic drinks are mostly involved. As to why we chose to feature a geinoujin in our PVs, we thought that a PV that is merely “kakkoi” (“cool”) is too ordinary. Having a geinoujin would serve as an element of surprise to us, Japanese, even if it may seem weird to foreign fans who may not recognise the geinoujin we featured. I feel it makes our PVs more interesting in this way.

Japanese pop-culture is still in its infancy but gradually growing right now in Indonesia. How do you feel this would affect how the local audience’s reaction to your music?

Yoshino: Well, this is the first time I am here. During the autograph session, I interacted with some fans who spoke really fluent Japanese. This really surprised and thrilled me because these fans were not born or raised in Japan but they took the effort to learn my language. This has made me very happy.

What kind of emotions do you want to elicit from your fans when you were creating a new song?

Sat: When forming fripSide, I went through a mixed emotional feelings ranging from bitter-sweetness to extreme happiness. I want to share these feelings with our fans through our songs and creation.

Do you play any games at home on your off-days?

Both: Yes, of course!

Yoshino: Currently, I am playing FFXIV and Monster Hunter 4.

Sat: I do play games but only those on the PS3 platform. I like driving games such as Grand Turismo.

That’s all we have for fripSide, stay tune for more from !

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