At AFA ID 2013, Ani-Culture team had the chance to be able to join in the interview session with Eir Aoi.

Below is a group  interview done by Ani-Culture together with the other media representatives.

Eir Aoi

Why did you choose the name “Eir”

Ever since I was young, I have always dreamt of becoming a singer but it has very been hard to realise this dream, thus there was a point in time that I gave up being a singer and aimed to become a nurse. But even while trying to achieve this aim, I didn’t want to be separated from music, thus I began to upload my songs in the Douga site and decided upon this name “Eir” back then. As for the background for this name “Eir”, there is a Goddess who can heal named “Eir” from the Norse Mythology. So at that time, there was the matter of aiming to become a nurse and giving up on singing, thus resorting to putting songs on the Douga site. But I still hope to lighten the spirits and brighten the days of people who listen to my songs, hence with all these feelings, I decided upon the name “Eir”. In my opinion, the main ability of “Eir” from this Norse mythology revolves around healing, thus in that light too, I chose the name “Eir”.

Why did you choose to sing anime songs?

I guess you could say that I’ve been around anime and games since I was young, and their song are a part of me when I was growing up. I feel that this genre has been impactful in shaping my views on music. It also just so happens that my debut song was chosen as the ED for the Fate/Zero anime, which in my opinion is an awesome anime series and a very great production. I feel honoured to have been chosen for the ED and this has gave me the necessary boost to progress further in my career to sing more anime songs.


What does the colour blue means to you? Given that you have “Aoi” in your name, “Blau” in your first album and “Cobalt sky” for your latest single.

For me, it is really the imagery. You could say that “Aoi” was derived from the colour “Ai” (藍) which means “blue”. To me, blue is a very important colour and I feel calm when I see this colour. As such, I have decided to include “blue” in my music – be it dressing in blue for my performances, or having the colour “blue” in my albums and singles.

Among all of your songs, which particular song gave you the best impression, and how do you feel about that song?

That is probably “Senkou Zenya (閃光前夜)” from my first album Blau, which has already debuted in Japan but will be releasing in Indonesia soon. During the recording for the new Indonesian release, I have introduced for the very first time, hands-clapping into the song. I feel that this helps to jive up the beat/rhythm. I sincerely hope that the Indonesian audience like this new change, and during my live performance here, the audience will join in the hands-clapping for this song.

Who and what are the influences for you to sing?

Ahh…. oh my god. I really don’t know (laughs)… But when I was really young, my first impressions of music started forming as early as when I was two-year-old. I remember my family, my mother and father, frequently listening to music. I guess that from there, I first started to try to sing along. As I was growing older and more attuned to music, I also visited the karaoke frequently to sing. It was then one day when I heard the Japanese popular-song singer Kadokura Yuki (門倉有希), that I thought to myself “UWAH!! I wanna sing like her!”. I guess that is where my aspiration to become a singer came from

Eir Aoi 2

We have heard that you are a gamer-girl and you really like to play games. Could you share with us what sort of genre; or what games you like?

Okay, basically I am a really big fan of action games. Recently, I got hooked on games that has to do with defense of Earth in alien-invasion situations. I also play online games and I like Shin Sangoku Musou Online a lot! I have also once clocked an approximate of 2000 hours playing Monster Hunter Frontier….. Games like Biohazard and Left for Dead are also my cup of tea; as well as RPG-types of games. I am basically crazy about Drag-On Dragoon and I am really looking forward to the release of Drag-On Dragoon 3 this coming winter.

Why do you like to play online and/or video games? Does doing so help you relax?

Ah, no. Playing games doesn’t exactly help me to relax at all! In fact I get more excited (laughs). Well, I feel that once you start playing an online game, you would tend to get hooked and it would be very hard to pull yourself away until you have cleared all your missions in the game. If you don’t do so, don’t you get that sense of void and non-accomplishment?

If given an opportunity, will you hold an Asia tour to let the rest of Asia to hear your voice? Because you have been to Germany, and Indonesia.

I have not planned an Asia tour at the present moment, but I am planning on doing one in the near future. Before I accomplish this, I will continue to work hard and improve my singing for myself and my fans.

That’s all we have for Eir Aoi, stay tune for more interview post on other artist at AFA ID 2013.

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